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About Biology

Biology is a natural science that studies life and living organisms. Biology studies life and living organisms, including their physical structures, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development and evolution. It aims to investigate organisms in detail while examining their structural and functional evolution. Although modern biology is a relatively new development, the sciences related to and included in it are studied from ancient times to the present day. Natural philosophy has been studied as early as the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indian subcontinent, and China. However, modern biology's origins and approach to the study of nature mostly date back to ancient Greece. Biology is derived from the Greek word “bio” meaning “life” and the suffix “ology” meaning “study”.

Career Paths for Biology Degree Majors

Since biology is a science, it constantly brings scientific studies and experiments with it. Apart from laboratory studies, it is a department that has a response in the field of education. Apart from all these, in the 1950s, the biology department was the first branch of science to be trained under the name of "biology institute" in our country, which is also a field within the Faculty of Medicine. This shows that biology graduates can find a place for themselves in the health sector.

Biology graduates;

  • Ministry of Health,

  • Hospitals,

  • Medical Faculties,

  • In hydrobiology research centers,

  • Ministry of Environment and Forestry,

  • In organizations affiliated to the ministries of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,

  • In the private sector,

  • Greenhouse,

  • Pharmaceutical industry,

  • Food industry

  • Education

They can find opportunities to work in many fields such as

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Biologist?

To become a biologist, one must have certain skills. Numerical skills are at the top of the skills that biologists should have. Having analytical thinking and reporting skills is also an important skill for people considering the profession. Biologists must be a little more meticulous and careful than any other profession. The sensitiveness of the profession brings together the planned and disciplined people who want to be biologists. Along with all this, biologists are the people who should follow the current developments.

Is the Biology Department Right for Me?

People who want to be biologists should have advanced analytical and numerical thinking skills. In addition, it is necessary to have a disciplined and detail-oriented personality and to be prone to teamwork. Biologists must have the ability to write and present reports, have written and verbal communication skills, and be skilled in project design and time management.

Along with all these professional requirements, people who will be satisfied with low salary in the first years of the profession should be biologists. Biologists should be those who can withstand few days off, find motivation for continuous research, and desire to benefit their species. While being a biologist is very suitable for people who have these features, it will not be a suitable profession for people who do not have these features.

Study Biology in Turkey

Many factors in Turkey attract the attention of international students. The foremost factor is the increasing quality of education in universities. In this case, it is a very good reason for foreign students to study in Turkey. Boğaziçi, METU, ITU, Koç and Sabancı Universities are very popular schools in this sense. For all these reasons, the number of schools in Turkey where students can choose the biology department is quite high. In fields such as Psychology, Law and Medicine, Natural Sciences and especially Biology, Turkey offers high quality education to students.

However, these factors alone are not enough for a student to choose Turkey. In addition, university prices in Turkey are very affordable for foreign students. State universities in Turkey are also quite suitable compared to Europe. In addition, students are required to have a residence permit and a student visa. Both of these requests are two issues that can be handled easily in Turkey. Students can easily obtain these documents after a simple application process.

Advantages of Study Biology Abroad in Turkey

Located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, Turkey has a rich culture with the advantage of this location. The benefits of studying in Turkey, the factors brought by cultural elements are combined with a modern and technological system. Thus, students have a modern vision. There are many different topics on the advantages of studying biology in Turkey. One of them is that it is a safe environment. Turkey is the safest country in its region. The fact that there are both public and private universities and every opportunity of technology makes it possible for a large number of foreign students to choose Turkey every year. The languages ​​of instruction in these institutions are Turkish and English. Every student is provided with a quality language education. The preparatory period is within this scope, and when the process is over, the earned part is started.

Universities in the Republic of Turkey have worldwide validity. In this context,

  • Quality education system,

  • Successful teaching staff,

  • Thanks to the education that is successfully integrated with the world, an education far above the standards is offered.

  • Students can fully educate themselves in both academic and social issues. 

Thus, she/he progresses successfully in her/his professional life.

How Long Does It Take to Study Biology in Turkey

There are some conditions required to come from abroad and study biology in Turkey. If there are documents such as diplomas, teaching documents indicating the equivalence of foreign students, they can be placed in schools according to these documents. If they do not have any documents to show their equivalence, foreign students are taken for an interview. This interview can be made orally or in writing, depending on the situation. After the interviews, the foreign student whose equivalence is determined is placed in the relevant schools. Students can start university life after 12 years of education. University programs are divided into associate and undergraduate degrees. Associate degree programs last two years, while undergraduate programs last four years. Students who have completed their undergraduate education can continue their education if they wish; can do master's and doctorate. Education at state universities in Turkey is free of charge. Biology is 4 years if language preparation is not read. However, when preparatory education is taken, this period can be up to 5 years.

The Best Universities to Study Biology in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most assertive countries in biology education. The top 3 universities in Turkey that offer biology education in English for foreign students are as follows.

  1. Middle East Technical University (METU)

Middle East Technical University or METU for short; It is known as a state university located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It has been in existence since 1956. The university is recognized as one of the leading universities in Turkey in the fields of engineering and natural sciences. According to the QS 2022 list, METU is ranked as the third best university in Turkey. In the field of engineering, it ranks first in Turkey. It is among the best choices for students who want to study engineering in Turkey. The university is preferred by many international students who want to study Industrial engineering. It draws attention with its many engineering departments such as electrical electronics, environment, mechanical, aviation and aerospace engineering.

  1. Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Another prominent university for engineering education in Turkey is Istanbul Technical University. The university is also commonly referred to as ITU. Istanbul is recognized as a technical university located in Turkey. The roots of the university go back to 1773. Istanbul Technical University is known as the third oldest technical university in Turkey. It is among the most prestigious institutions in Turkey. According to the QS 2022 ranking, the university ranks second in the field of engineering in Turkey. In addition to engineering; It is also known as one of the leading universities in Turkey in the field of social sciences. There are many TÜBİTAK science and TÜBA awards among ITU graduates.

  1. Bogazici University

Boğaziçi University is one of the most prestigious and best engineering universities in Turkey… Boğaziçi University is known as a state research university located in Istanbul. The university has existed since 1863. It is known that the official language of instruction of the university is English. The university is considered the first American higher education institution established outside the United States. Despite being completely under Turkish administration today, the university still maintains strong ties to the American education system. According to the QS 2022 ranking, the university is ranked as the fourth best university for engineering education in Turkey. Especially; It comes to the fore in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering and industrial engineering.

Biology Admission Requirement in Turkey

The documents and conditions expected for applications from foreign students who want to study biology in Turkey are as follows;

  • A letter of acceptance is sent by the university to foreign students who succeed in the exams and gain the right to enter the university. Students abroad must go to the Turkish consulate with this acceptance letter and obtain a student visa.

  • Foreign students who want to study at university in Turkey must obtain a residence permit. Residence permits are issued by the Migration Administration in the cities where they live. According to the relevant law, foreign students must obtain a residence permit within one month after entering Turkey. Residence permits of foreign students are renewed every year.

  • Foreign students must complete the university admission form of the university they will apply to.

  • Graduation diploma for high school or equivalent education (must be approved by Turkish Foreign Representatives or notary public and translated into Turkish).

  • Transcript (the document showing the names of the courses the student took in high school and the transcript) The transcript must be approved by the school or notary public and foreign representatives and translated into Turkish.

  • Financial guarantee letter. When the student comes to Turkey, he should answer the questions of how he will meet his financial needs, who will cover the expenses such as accommodation, transportation and education.)

  • Registration fee. If applicable, the registration fee of the university to be applied must be paid and documented with a payment receipt.

  • Language Exam Proficiency Certificate. Foreign students who cannot get the required score in the language proficiency exams receive language preparation training for one year. After these training, students who provide language proficiency are entitled to enter the department courses in university programs.

  • It is necessary to obtain sufficient points from internationally recognized exams such as GCE, ACT, SAT, or to obtain the required score from the Foreign Student Exam (YÖS).

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