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The University of Manitoba is the first university in western Canada which was established in 1877. While the main campus is located in Fort Garry, the school has many other campuses in certain parts of Manitoba. University of Manitoba (UM) is famous for conducting more research than any other university in the area. Moreover, the university is preserving its top spot among Canada’s higher education institutions. UM has 34 faculties along with more than 100 bachelor’s programs and around 30,000 students. Additionally, the university has the oldest engineering school in western Canada.

Studying in Canada

Every year, more foreign students are enrolling in Canadian universities. For more than twenty years, Canada has been named among the top ten countries in the world to live, and it has one of the best educational systems in the world. Therefore, a degree earned from one of Canada's best colleges is acknowledged and valued across the world. Moreover, excellent career options can be found in Canada in various fields.

Why University of Manitoba

Studying in Manitoba offers a great number of advantages. To begin with, studying in Manitoba gives you the chance to take advantage of cutting-edge facilities and quality education. the educational system of Manitoba is pioneering, and its professors and teachers are highly educated and qualified. Because of its reputation abroad, Manitoba is a top choice for international students. In Manitoba, there are several different programs from which to pick. There are more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees available from colleges and universities. Moreover, in comparison to other major Canadian cities, UM has a higher standard of living and housing, and transportation expenses. The cost of attendance varies between colleges. For instance, a course in a college may cost less than one at a university. However, compared to other Canadian provinces, Manitoba generally has the advantage of providing an affordable education.

University of Manitoba Ranking

According to one of the most famous university rankings, Times Higher Education, UM was ranked 301st throughout the world. 

Alumni and Famous People 

Vic Toews: Former Member of the House of Commons of Canada

Miriam Toews: Canadian writer

Marshall McLuhan: Philosopher. He did significant contributions to media theories. 

Louis Slotin: Canadian physicist and chemist

Phil Fontaine: Politician

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses in University of Manitoba primarily consist of:

  • Accounting

  • Arts

  • Biochemistry

  • Business

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Criminology

  • Dentistry

  • Economics

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Film Studies

  • Food Science

  • Graphic Design

  • Law

  • Linguistics

  • Marketing

  • Mathematics

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Medicine

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Students

  • The general admission requirements demand to have International Baccalaureate (IB) with a minimum IB score of 27 or British patterned Education (GCE).

  • Students need to have a minimum of 6.5 IELTS and a minimum of 86 from TOEFL IBT.

  • The minimum score from the Pearson Test of English (PTE) should be 58 for undergraduate studies.

  • Academic transcripts, a personal statement, recommendations letters, portfolio and statement of purpose are also required for undergraduate studies.

  • However, it is important to note that these requirements can vary depending on the program and course.

Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate courses in University of Manitoba primarily consist of:

  • Architecture (MArch)

  • Biochemistry and Medical Genetics (MSc)

  • Biomedical Engineering (MSc)

  • Chemistry (MSc, PhD)

  • Civil Engineering (MSc)

  • Computer Science (MSc, PhD)

  • Fine Art (MFA)

  • Food Science (MSc, PhD)

  • Geography (MA)

  • Management (MBA)

  • Mathematics (MSc, PhD)

  • Mechanical Engineering (PhD, MSc)

MBA Programı

The University of Manitoba is offering Asper MBA Program for students who are willing to be a part of MBA Program. The University of Manitoba's Asper MBA program blends academic brilliance with the business sector to create a demanding and applicable learning environment. Small classrooms, one-on-one interactions with professors, and networking chances with actual business executives benefit students.

Admission Requirements for Post-graduate Students

  • Students need to have a minimum of 6.5 IELTS and a minimum of 86 from TOEFL IBT for undergraduate programs.

  • Minimum score from the Pearson Test of English (PTE) should be 61 for post-graduate studies.

  • University diploma, a resume and a declaration of interest are additionally required for post-graduate studies.

  • However, it is important to note that these requirements can vary depending on the program and course.

International Foundation Programme

If the student’s language level is not adequate or the student did not receive an IB education, the University of Manitoba offers Foundation program. A bridge between high school and college is provided via the eight-month Foundation program. Eight courses make up this program, which is getting you ready for enrolment into university-level courses. A minimum of 5.5 score from IELTS or 69 from TOEFL IBT is required for the UM Foundation Programme. Intakes open in January, May and September. 

Tuition Fees of University of Manitoba

Approximate Tuition Fees of University of Manitoba for undergraduate programs are given below: 

Undergraduate Programs

Tuition Fees 


21.400 CAD


28.500 CAD

Architecture (Environmental Design)

26.000 CAD


29.400 CAD


37.300 CAD


Not Eligible


  25.100 CAD

Approximate Tuition Fees of University of Manitoba for post-graduate programs are given below: 

Graduate Programs 

Tuition Fees

Master of Finance

22.180 CAD 

Master of Dentistry (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

35.200 CAD (per term)

Landscape Architecture/ Interior Design 

8.100 CAD (per term)

Master of Fine Arts

8.100 CAD (per term)

Master of Human Rights

9.800 CAD (per term)

Master of Dentistry (Orthodontics)

56.300 CAD (per term)

Application Deadline

Please contact our consultancy for the application deadline in order to be informed further. 

Undergraduate and Graduate

Fall application deadlines are generally in March; Winter application deadlines are in July; Summer application deadlines are generally in November.

Scholarships for International Students

Each year, the University of Manitoba awards more than $20 million in scholarships and bursaries to students. Based on their academic standing and financial need, UM students are eligible for a variety of scholarship options.

The primary requirements in terms of entrance scholarships for international undergraduate students:

  • Scholarships are determined annually based on students’ success in high school. As an illustration:

  • 95 percent or more success rate = $3,000

  • 90 percent or more success rate = $2,000

  • 85 percent or more success rate = $1,000

The primary requirements of regular scholarships for international undergraduates:

  • Demonstration of extraordinary academic accomplishment on courses taken during the most recent normal academic sessions

  • The Minimum sessional grade point average should be 3.5 out of 4.00


A variety of dormitory facilities are available on campuses. Please look at “Student Visa” for further information. 

Why Choose Collab International

Collab International has a team full of highly educated counsellors who are willing to help our students in the best possible way. With more than 500 partner institutions and universities, it is possible to offer the student a variety of choices. Since every student may need different goals and requirements, Collab guarantees the delicacy and care each student need. Right after your education background is evaluated carefully, the student receives the most suitable recommendations in order to choose the perfect path. Moreover, since Collab is also aware of each student’s strongest and weakest points, the student can get the best support from our knowledgeable team members. 

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