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About Architecture

Humans are the focus of architecture. Architects study the environment, cultures, histories, and physical locations to create healthier, more pleasant, and better living spaces. They design new structures, create surroundings, and oversee the building process in light of the information they gather. Shelter is one of the most fundamental requirements when considering humanity's history. From this vantage point, it is possible to say that architecture is among the oldest professions in the world. The buildings and their surroundings fall under the purview of architecture, from the homes we live in to the shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and places of worship to public buildings. In general, there is a misconception that architecture deals only with the outer surfaces of buildings. Architecture is more concerned with the spaces they produce inside than their exterior surfaces. Architects and architecture build more comfortable and healthier living spaces for people. Usability, permanence, beauty, and originality are the most fundamental values ​​of architects. Therefore, architecture is the study of art and the practice of designing buildings also other structures. 

Study Architecture in Turkey

One of the most enjoyable and popular departments among international students in Turkey is the department of architecture. With affordable fees and quality of education, Turkey can be a good option for students to study abroad. Turkey also gives scholarships to international students, making it more affordable than any other country. Therefore, Turkey is attractive to study abroad because of the reasonably priced study options. In addition to having excellent standards and contemporary, well-equipped colleges with very cheap circumstances, Turkey has become one of the greatest places in the world to learn architecture because of its rich history. Therefore, all of these reasons attract international students to study in Turkey.

Advantages of Studying Architecture in Turkey

  1. Because Turkey has housed numerous powerful empires over the past three thousand years, including the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Othman empires, Turkish architecture has long been renowned for its beauty and magnificence. Therefore, Turkey's architecture can inspire you.

  2. It has affordable fees. 

  3. Turkey has colleges that are taught Architecture in English. Therefore, international students can study Architecture in either English or Turkish.

  4. Quality of education. 

  5. It gives Architecture students both theoretical and practical lectures, which enable them to improve themselves.

  6. There are many international students in Turkey. Therefore, as an international student, you won't feel alone.

  7. Internship opportunities. 

  8. Turkey has the leading universities in architecture.

Career Path for Architecture Degree Majors

Architects create new structures, as well as the areas around them, and work on preserving and repairing older structures. Therefore, Architects can find work in construction firms, architectural offices, architectural consultancy firms, and building inspection organizations. In addition, Architects can work for governments, furniture manufacturers, or design firms. Public sector employers like local governments and housing associations and their planning departments employ a sizable component of the profession. Still, large organizations, like banks and supermarkets, may have in-house architectural teams. Or, you may start your own firm or work on projects as an independent consultant. And you might have the chance to work abroad. Therefore, Architecture is a degree with diverse job opportunities. Here's the list of some most preferable architecture jobs with high salaries:

· Historic preservation architect.

· Urban planner.

· Landscape architect.

· Retrofit architect.

· Industrial Architect.

· Architectural project manager.

· Architectural historian.

· Commercial Architect.

What Skills Do I Need to Become an Architect?

Being an architect is a great career option since it's stimulating, well-paying, and allows you to have a significant impact on how societies are built. But not everyone is equipped to perform this intricate, sophisticated, and varied task. A good fit for an architecture career requires a particular set of abilities. Here's a list of five skills that you need to be an Architect:

1-Numerical Skills

You must have a firm understanding of numerical concepts, especially in geometry and advanced algebra, because the entire concept of architecture is based on the laws and limitations of mathematics. If you haven't already, you should look into doing a level or math course equivalent to a high school diploma because it is a requirement to enroll in any architecture degree.

2- Creative Skills

The second crucial quality you require is creativity. You'll need to develop various but distinctive building ideas like architecture. Your ability to be creative will be essential to you. You ought to have the imagination necessary to propose fresh concepts and make them a reality. But developing your creativity takes time, and you'll need to draw inspiration from various ideas before you can come up with something original.

3- Design Skills

Designing is the next crucial architectural ability you need to possess. If you want to create models, drawings, and buildings, you should be skilled at design. You must be well-versed in design procedures for this. Consequently, you will be able to satisfy your client's needs.

4- Legal Knowledge

Legal knowledge is also essential. Of course, you are allowed to think of fantastic construction concepts. However, an excellent idea is useless if it does not comply with construction laws, rules, and policies. All construction regulations and codes should be understood by architecture, and concepts should only be developed in accordance with them.

5-Communication Skills

Any profession requires excellent communication skills. As an architect, you must communicate with your clients, attorneys, the construction manager, and other parties. And if you have poor communication skills, it will be difficult for you to get your point across, close transactions with clients, and other things.

Is Architecture Right For me?

Drawing and construction are only two aspects of becoming an architect. The ability to create is the most crucial component. Still, it also requires social skills, knowledge of engineering, math, science, and physics, as well as a variety of related subjects, commitment, and desire. Fill out the form, and we can help you and be an advisor to you to determine if the Architecture is right for you.

How Long Does It Take To Became Architect?

In Turkey, a bachelor of design degree takes four years, and a master's degrees take two years. Therefore, it takes six years to be Architect.

The Best Universities Study Architecture

Turkey has good universities in order to study architecture. So here is a list of the best universities in Turkey where you can study Architecture:

  1. Bilkent University: Bilkent University is regarded as one of the best universities in Turkey and is known worldwide. Bilkent University was founded in 1984 and is the first private, nonprofit institution of higher learning in Turkey. Bilkent is one of the most diversified universities in Turkey, offering 58 graduate and 29 undergraduate programs to 13,000 students from all over the world, so it is open to many international students. It is known for its high quality of education. Bilkent University is ranked 643 in the Best Global Universities list.

  2. Koç University: Established in 1993, Koç University is a private, nonprofit research institution. Koç University has an overall rating of 4.3 stars and is number 501 in the world, according to Times Higher Education, and it's also ranked 477 in QS World University Rankings 2023. It is known for its high quality of education and work options after graduation. Therefore, the top students from Turkey and beyond are drawn to Koç University because of its excellent academic foundation, opportunities for research, worldwide accomplishments, vibrant social environment, and variety of work options after graduation.

  3. Mimar Sinan Fine Art University: The Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University is a publicly funded institution of higher education in Turkey that focuses on the fine arts. It imitated the traditional European Beaux-Arts paradigm and was the first Western-style art academy of its kind in the Middle East when it was founded in 1882. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University has an average student population and can accommodate up to 7,000 students. MSGSU offers programs for international student exchange between partner colleges.

  4. Istanbul Technical University: Istanbul Technical University is a public university established in 1777 in Turkey. Istanbul Technical University provides a top-notch education with its worldwide academics and English-language programs. Istanbul Technical University holds a prominent position in international academic competitions.

Architecture in Turkey Admission Requirements

A requirement for admission is GPA. The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and a strong GPA are frequently insufficient for entrance. Your chances of getting admitted will increase if you pass the AP Exam. In particular, for the English medium of instruction, language ability is crucial for admission. Typically, the admissions procedure requires a TOEFL score of 80. The student should also send a CV and statement of purpose. Since colleges constantly seek applicants who can affect change, students who have previously participated in internships and completed research projects stand a perfect chance of being accepted. Turkey also wants students to either Foreign Student Exam or SAT take together with a high school diploma, transcript, and equivalency certificate. Depending on the University, a different minimum YS score may be required. Additionally, if your TOEFL score is high enough, you can skip the Turkish preparation year.

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