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The Czech Republic is well known for its excellent academic prospects, access to career-based options after graduation, and high-quality education. Czech University provides the chance to study in technologically advanced classes, enabling you to get experience after you graduate in your subject. It also allows you to improve yourself by doing activities and plans and helps you to find an internship. Therefore, studying Architecture in Czechia will enable you to improve yourself. There are no tuition costs for courses at public universities that are taught in the Czech language. However, you don't need to speak Czech well to study in the Czech Republic. There are more than thousand-degree programs offered in English, and the costs are relatively affordable.

Advantages of Studying Architecture in Czechia

  1. It enables you to find a job both in country and outside of the country.

  2. The interest it has shown during the internship allows you to become experienced when you graduate from your field.

  3. Affordable fees.

  4. The Czech Republic ranks as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world.

  5. Student jobs and career opportunities

  6. Quality of higher education and research.

Career Paths for Architecture Degree Majors

Architects create new structures, as well as the areas around them, and they also work on the preservation and repair of older structures. Therefore, Architects can find work in construction firms, architectural offices, architectural consultancy firms, and building inspection organizations. In addition, Architects can work for governments, furniture manufacturers, or design firms. Public sector employers like local governments and housing associations in their planning departments employ a sizable component of the profession. Still, specific large organizations, like banks and supermarkets, may have in-house architectural teams. Or you may start your own firm or work on projects as an independent consultant. And you might have the chance to work abroad. So, the job has many opportunities.

What Skills Do I Need to Become an Architect?

  1. Design expertise and information.

  2. Understanding of construction and building.

  3. To do anything thoroughly and carefully.

  4. Logic and analytical abilities.

  5. Customer-service abilities.

  6. Outstanding verbal communication abilities.

  7. Ability to think analytically.

  8. The capacity to act alone.

Is Architecture Right For me?

Drawing and construction are only two aspects of becoming an architect. The ability to create is the most crucial component, but it also requires social skills, knowledge of engineering, math, science, and physics, as well as a variety of related subjects, commitment, and desire. Fill out the form and we can help you and be an advisor to determine if the Architecture is right for you.

How Long Does It Take to Became Architect?

In the Czech Republic, bachelor's degree programs typically last between three and four years. So, it takes three or four years to become an architect.

The Best Universities Study Architecture

Czech has good universities in order to study architecture. So, there is a list of the best universities in Czech where you can study Architecture.

  1. Architectural Institute in Prague 

  2. Czech Technical University in Prague

  3. Charles University

  4. Masaryk University

  5. Brno University of Technology

  6. VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Architecture Admission Requirements

Proof of linguistic ability must be shown in order to study abroad in the Czech Republic. Some colleges provide intensive English language programs if you are unable to present the documentation. The average IELTS score in Czech Universities is 5.9. in order to be accepted.

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