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There are many universities in Poland where you can study. Poland, which has more than 400 universities, including state and private universities, is seen as the capital of education not only for students in its own country but also for many students from abroad with the importance it gives to education. Being in the heart of Europe and providing education at European standards to students from all over the world makes this country the most preferred country. There are also many university alternatives for students who want to study accounting in Poland. There are 3-year education programs for those who want to study accounting for undergraduate education in Polish universities.

Advantages of Studying Accounting in Poland

One of the advantages of education in Poland is that it gives a post graduate work permit for 9 months. In addition to universities that offer scholarships, there is also the possibility of earning money with a work permit while receiving education. Students who study accounting in Poland, which is in the European Union, also have the right to continue traveling abroad during vacation periods by holding a Schengen visa. Students who improve themselves in language throughout the education have a diploma that is valid almost everywhere in the world and can continue their careers in the country they want.

Studying accounting at Polish universities is one of the most idealistic decisions for students. Studying abroad will always give students an advantage. In addition, being able to obtain the right to work in this country is very decisive when choosing Poland for students.

How Long Does It Take to Study Accounting in Poland?

Studying accounting at Polish universities is quite easy. Following technological and modern changes in the courses, presenting advanced features, ensuring language and socio-cultural development, diplomas and certificates of achievement to be obtained during education offer a very advantageous graduation. Accounting education in Poland covers a 3-year education period. After 3 years of undergraduate education, students also have the right to work in European Union countries for 9 months.

For undergraduate education in Polish universities, the average tuition fee of 3 thousand Euros, although it varies according to some departments. Apart from this, it is advantageous to obtain the right to study at Polish universities for living expenses. In schools where equivalence is provided, there is an education that will not be a problem in finding a job throughout life with a quality education.

The Best Universities to Study Accounting in Poland

Poland has about 500 universities and other higher education institutions. About one-third of higher education institutions are public and the remaining two-thirds are private. Poland welcomes international students and the number of foreign students has increased significantly in recent years. In 2021, the country hosted more than 40,000 international students from 141 countries, with the largest numbers coming from Ukraine, Belarus, Norway and the USA. The most preferred departments of foreign students in Poland are accounting, economics, business administration, medicine and technology.

The best universities to study accounting in Poland are as follows.

  1. Finance and Accounting Warsaw University of Economics

Second cycle studies in Finance and Accounting at SGH Warsaw School of Economics provide advanced finance-oriented knowledge of the financial management of business entities, including financial institutions, with particular interest in the determinants of management decisions made based on the results of financial analysis. It includes research as well as specialist knowledge, which provides a good basis for applying professional work and continuing further education. The Finance and Accounting program is offered at SGH as so-called "practical profile" studies focused on expanding students' work experience.

  1. Kozminski University of Finance and Accounting

Founded in 1993, Kozminski University is a private higher education institution with full academic rights. The University has achieved excellent results in Polish and international accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA – referred to as the “Triple Crown” of accreditation) and global and national education rankings, demonstrating the high quality of its programs and services. Because of these qualities, the KU diplomas themselves were envied. Since 2009 Kozminski University has been classified in the prestigious educational ranking provided by the 'Financial Times', which includes the best universities from around the world. Moreover, for the last 16 years, it ranks first among private universities in the educational rankings published by “Perspektywy” and “Rzeczpospolita”.

  1. University of Finance and Accounting Gdansk

The “Master in Finance” curriculum gives Bachelor level graduates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of finance and develop skills and competences in the investment process.

The degree is available to both domestic and international students. A strong undergraduate background in finance and fluency in English are essential prerequisites for success. Alongside mainstream topics such as portfolio building, risk management and valuation of financial instruments, students are taught modern quantitative methods and learn about innovations in finance. We emphasize ethical and professional standards, legal and governance issues, and behavioral aspects of financial markets. Compulsory courses are complemented by elective courses chosen by students according to their individual interests. The curriculum covers a significant number of subjects from levels 2 and 3 of the CFA Program curricula.

Admission Requirements in Poland

Poland is located in the center of Europe and has borders with the Baltic Sea, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Poland is home to stunning natural scenery and beautiful architecture that includes castles, palaces, wooden churches and modern sports fields. The application process for students who want to study music in Poland is quite easy.

Students wishing to study accounting in Poland are required to provide English language proficiency. For a sufficient level of English, it is sufficient to get IELTS 6.5. They are also required to have a grade point average above a certain level in their high school diploma or college transcript.

Extracurricular Activities and CV are also distinctive for students at the application stage. Extra indicators such as Social Activities, Sports Activities, Volunteering Services and Competitions attended by the student stand out. Entry to Polish Universities is possible without examination.

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