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Taking accounting and finance courses prepares students well for careers in business and management. Examples of courses include financial accounting, capital exploitation and risk management strategic, analysis, leadership, strategic management, tax strategies, and information technology. Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is located in the Carpathian Basin and is bordered by Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia to the east, Ukraine and Romania to the east, Slovenia to the north, Slovenia to the south, and Austria to the southwest and west to the south. Hungary is one of the countries that attract attention with its advantageous location and reasonable prices for foreign students who will receive accounting education. All companies in Hungary are required to have their accounting services performed by a licensed local accountant from the date of their establishment. This has positioned accounting education in a very important place in Hungary.

Advantages of Studying Accounting in Hungary

It is very advantageous to study accounting in Hungary. First of all, the world ranking and history of universities is very important. It is possible to access universities with a quality background in Hungary by paying €3,500 - €6,500 per year. The language of university education in Hungary is English. The history of state universities in Hungary is between 300-600 years. There are universities in the top 500 and top 1,000 in the world's best universities rankings. In fact, there are educational institutions that are in the top 300 in the faculty rankings. In Hungary, the International Business School is a partner with the British Buckingham University. Students receive a Buckingham education and diploma. This is very advantageous for students who want to study accounting. Hungary is a member of the European Union and it is possible to travel to all European Union countries during the study period. Students who receive accounting education in Hungary, who give an EU-compliant diploma upon graduation, have the chance to continue their careers in the country of their choice in Europe.

How Long Does It Take to Study Accounting in Hungary

The interest of students doing research for education in Hungary is based on the fact that there are Hungarian universities that have been in the top 500 and top 300 in the world's best universities rankings for hundreds of years, and that these universities are almost a quarter of the price of universities in western countries such as England and America. Moreover, the fact that these universities have both EU and international equivalency and that students have the opportunity to work in many parts of the world after graduation are among the most important factors that make university education in Hungary stand out as a logical option. A student who wants to study accounting in Hungary is required to take a 3-year undergraduate education. For students who do not have English proficiency, the education period can be up to 4 years in total, with 1-year preparatory courses.

The Best Universities to Study Accounting in Hungary

There are very good universities in front of students who want to study accounting in Hungary. Students who are considering Hungary for accounting education can get education from universities that are in the top 500 in the world and step into a prestigious career. The prominent schools are as follows.

  1. Budapest Eötvös Loránd University

Budapest Eötvös Loránd University is one of the oldest universities in Hungary, founded in 1635. Budapest Eötvös Lorád University has both a historic and a newly built modern building. There are 8 faculties in ELTE, which has English education programs for international students.

  1. Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University is Hungary's most prestigious university in medicine. 40 percent of doctors in Hungary are graduates of this university. Considering that there are 4 universities in the field of medicine in Hungary, this is a high rate. Apart from the education campuses of Semmelweis University, located in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest, it is Hungary's most established health institution with 17 institutes, 22 clinics and 19 departments in Budapest. It stands out as a rare university.

  1. Corvinus University

The first establishment of Corvinus University dates back to 1853. It is the best university in Hungary for business, economics and international relations. Corvinus University, which has 7 faculties in total, provides education on 3 different campuses. An average of 18,000 students are actively studying at the university.

Admission Requirements in Hungary

Most universities in Hungary start their academic education period in September-October. In some parts, there is the beginning of January-February. Application deadlines for programs that will start in September-October are May in some universities, while applications continue until July and August in some universities. For programs that start January-February, applications continue until November-December. Students who want to study in Hungary are required to be a high school graduate and have a high school diploma for their application.

If you have exam result documents such as IELTS that certify your English language level, or if you have graduated from an English-language school and you can make a positive impression in the interview, it is possible to start university directly without studying.

European culture, EU education system, lifestyle, taking basic science courses in English, improving English practice and getting preparatory education for definite success in university can be very beneficial for students.

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