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SRH University

SRH University

About SRH University

Having been established in 2002, SRH Hochschule Berlin (SRH University of Applied Sciences) is regarded as one of the most well-known and renowned schools in Germany for its superior knowledge system structure and welcoming environment. The school has campuses in three cities which are Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg.  The school has a multinational environment with professors and students from 100 different countries along with 70 approved study programs both in German and English. Moreover, a variety of career options in management and entrepreneurship, the media and creative sectors, technology and IT, music, design, and film are available to students. 

SRH University has some outstanding advantages. Firstly, the close network includes a large number of partner universities and well-known corporations in Germany and around the globe. Also, the institution has established a reputation for itself through its global reach. 40% of the students and lecturers are international and represent all continents' cultural views.

Admission and Application Requirements

Undergraduate Programs and Admission Requirements

In SRH University, the students who studies a bachelor’s degree can find a variety of options. The programs include:

  • Business & Hotel Management
  • Health & Psychology, Design
  • Communication & Media
  • Film & Photography
  • Technology, Computer Science & UX Design
  • Music & Sound

 In order to be eligible to study at SRH University as an undergraduate student, you need to verify certain documents.  These documents include a valid passport, a school leaving certificate that allows you to pursue higher education in Germany, portfolio, and an English test score which is generally accepted as IELTS. A minimum score of 6.5-7.0 from IELTS is required in SRH. However, other language tests like the Pearson Test of English (PTE) or TOEFL IBT can also be taken. The minimum required score for PTE is 59 while the minimum required score for TOEFL IBT is 83 or even higher.  Please be aware that some study programs which are focused on arts or design may require you to take an additional entrance exam. 

Postgraduate Programs and Admission Requirements

SRH is also offering many postgraduate courses in the fields of Management, Engineering and Science, Hotel and Tourism, Renewable Energy and Computer Science and Communication and Media. For students who wish to study their Master’s in SRH, the options can varied as:

  • Design
  • Management 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Film & Photography

The required admission documents are a Bachelor's Certificate with 180 credits or equivalent, a transcript of records of the Bachelor's Certificate, a letter of motivation and proof of English language skills. The most preferred language examination test is IELTS and the minimum required score for IELTS is 7.0 if you wish to be eligible to study a postgraduate course at SRH University.

Prices & Fees

Bachelors & Masters Degree Programs Tuition Fees 

For students from outside the EU/EEA, the average annual tuition is 12,200 EUR, varying from 10,800 EUR to 12,900 EUR. On the other hand, for students from the EU/EEA, the average annual tuition is 9,500 EUR, varying from 9,400 EUR to 9,600 EUR. However, tuition fees can change considering the department in which you are studying and the duration of the course as you can see from the table below:


Tuition Fees

MBA (2 Courses)

EUR 14,000 – EUR 15,000

Engineering (6 Courses)

EUR 9,000 - EUR 11,000

Arts (1 Courses)

EUR 9,600 – EUR 11,000

Media Films (1 Courses)

EUR 9,000 – EUR 10,000

Information Technology (IT)

 (4 Courses)

EUR 9,000 - EUR 13,000

Management (9 Courses)

EUR 9,600 - EUR 11,000

Accommodation and Cost of Living

As you might expect, there will be other expenses in Germany other than your education fee. To begin with, In Germany, it would be challenging to make ends meet on less than €1,000 per month. In the cities with higher rents, this figure increases to between €1,500 and €2,000 per month. However, as a student in Germany, you can live comfortably at €850 per month. Even in large cities, travel is reasonably priced, and European averages for food and drink costs apply.

Using tramways, subways, and bus services in large towns is extremely effective. The U-Bahn (underground train) is the name for subways in Germany, while the S-Bahn (overground train) is the name for trains that run above ground in towns. Germany does not currently have free public transportation. However, the government is considering this as a means to help fight air pollution. Typically, a single bus, train, or subway ride costs between €1 and €2. Costs for monthly travel passes typically range from €80 to €90.

As for accommodation, there is plenty of information on the SRH University website. Since, the school has campuses in Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg, the student can search for staying one of those cities depending on the campus in which the student is studying. 

The accommodation price can vary depending on the size of the place as well as the city you are living in. If you’re not staying at the dorm, the cost to rent a flat in Germany can vary from about €500 to well over €2,000.  For example, Berlin will be much more expensive compared to Dresden and Hamburg. On the other hand, students in their first year of a bachelor's degree are eligible for student housing (Studentenwohnheime), though second, third, and even master's students can get a room in the dormitories on occasion. Students will typically have their own bedroom and toilet but shared living spaces like kitchens. In Berlin and Munich, the monthly expense of housing for students is roughly €350 and €500, respectively. All in all, there is an option for everyone, whether they want to reside alone, with flatmates, temporarily, or permanently.

Social Life

SRH University is a campus-based institution, and we are proud of that fact. The green campus is situated in the peaceful Wieblingen neighborhood, right on the Neckar River. Here, you can find a variety of culinary specialties for between-meal snacks, coffee in the morning, and lunch breaks. In SRH, students utilize the innovative library for research and writing or Campus Sports' sporting amenities. Moreover, large green spaces invite you to take breaks and conduct quick study sessions outside, particularly in the spring and summer.

When it comes to social life in Germany, even though the precision of Germans is perhaps their most well-known trait, the nation is so much more than that. Germany, a diverse country with 16 different federal states (Länder), is home to a wide variety of people, cultures, and lifestyles. In general, Germans are friendly and welcoming of foreigners, particularly those who attempt to speak German. They also honor the visitor by giving him presents and saying kind words of appreciation. In addition, they have a special love for work, traveling, and the German language.

Germany has a moderately comfortable way of living.  Nonetheless, everyone should abide by the rules and traditions because breaking them is unwelcoming. When crossing the street, for instance, you must stay within the pedestrian line and only cross when the signal is green, even if the road is empty. Knowing that 32% of German territory is covered by forests is helpful when planning social gatherings with friends outside of the city. As a result, Germans admire the woodland because they enjoy spending their free time there. In Germany, there are plenty of chances for friendship and social interaction. Locals congregate in pubs, dining establishments, music halls, museums, theaters, and other locations. When it comes to shopping, Sunday is the day that is marked for shopping. The majority of them close at eight o'clock, with only a few open during weekdays. Moreover, even though German cuisine is not diverse as it is in many parts of Europe, the country is famous for some of its desserts like Apple pie, Peach cream pie, Raspberry pie, and Pretzel cake.

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