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Prague University of Economics

Prague University of Economics

Prague University of Economics and Business, formerly known as the University of Economics in Prague, which is the largest public university in the Czech Republic in the field of economics and business, was established in 1953. While 5 of the 6 faculties within the university are located in the capital Prague; The Faculty of Management is located in Jindřichův Hradec. Prague University of Economics and Business, which currently has 14,000 students enrolled, is accredited by EQUIS. Thanks to this accreditation, the "Business Administration" faculty of the university is shown in the 1% of the world.

Initially, the faculty was concerned with agricultural economics and the operation of farms; Today the faculty works within a wide range of fields within the economics of education, business administration, administration, rural/regional development and informatics.

There are approximately 6,000 students studying at the Faculty of Economics and Management, training a diverse range of educational programs, both full-time and part-time.

Life at Prague University of Economics

The location of the Prague University of Economics is excellent. It takes only 3 minutes on foot from Prague main train station (Praha hlavní nádraží), only 300 meters away. In other words, it is only a 15-minute walk (about 1.2 km) from Wenceslas Square to the great center of the city.

The Faculty of Economics, one of its largest faculties, is also a very active faculty. Prague University of Economics offers a wonderful atmosphere to its students with its new gymnasiums and huge dormitories for its buildings.

Prague University of Economics Programs & Fees

At the Prague University of Economics and Business, Foundation (Language and academic preparation) education is also provided for students whose English language level is not sufficient.

The tuition fee for undergraduate and postgraduate programs is € 3,800 per year.

The undergraduate and graduate programs at the school are as follows:

Bachelor’s Programs:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of International Business

Bachelor of International Diplomatic Studies

Bachelor of Economics

Master’s Programs:

Master of Economics and Public Policy

Master of Economic Data Analysis

Master of International Systems Management

Master of Management

Master of International Business - Central European Business Realities

Master of International Diplomatic Studies

Master in Finance and Accounting

Master in International Management / CEMS

  • Bachelor’s Departments (English)

Business Administration    € 5,000.00
Economics    € 5,000.00
International and Diplomatic Studies    € 5,000.00
International Business    € 5,000.00

  • Master's Departments (English)

Economics and Public Policy    € 5,000.00
Economic Data Analysis    € 5,000.00
International and Diplomatic Studies    € 5,000.00
International Business - Central European Business Realities    € 5,000.00
International Management CEMS    € 5,000.00
Information System Management    € 5,000.00
Finance and Accounting    € 5,000.00
Management    € 5,000.00

Prague University of Economics

Accommodation / Cost of living

Czechia is a much more economical country than many other European countries. Education, accommodation, transportation and meals are affordable for students. When looking at accommodation options in Prague, university dormitories and student houses come to the fore.

Finding accommodation in Prague is much easier than in other European cities. The most preferred accommodation option in Prague is university dormitories. The average accommodation fees in the dormitories of universities are between 150-250 Euros. The option of renting a private house in Prague can be an option that students can choose with their friends after completing the preparatory period. Finding student housing is both difficult and more costly.

Living standards in Prague offer the best facilities in Europe. In addition, it is more affordable than many European cities in terms of living costs. The average monthly expense of a student is between 450-500 Euros. This amount depends on the student's spending habits or whether they prefer to eat at home.

Due to the fact that the Czech Republic does not have a coastline, the temperature difference in summer and winter is high. While the summer months are cool, the winter months are cold and the precipitation is usually in the form of snow. While the temperature increases rapidly in April, the hottest times of the year are June, July and August.

Ways to Study Abroad

Prague University of Economics and Business also offers the "Master in International Management / CEMS" program, which is described as "the most prestigious master of business administration in the world". The "Community of European Management Schools", with its short name "CEMS", was established with the aim of educating international managers and is offered by the "best business education school" of each country. This program provides the student with the opportunity of a 1-semester exchange program in a CEMS member school in a different country, while at the same time providing an internship opportunity as a part of education

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