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Ozyegin University

Ozyegin University

The foundation work of Ozyegin University was started by the Hüsnü M. Ozyegin Foundation in the fall of 2005. In addition to researches covering more than 500 people consisting of the business world, faculty members, university and high school students, "Research on Developing Sectors and Occupations in Turkey and the World" was conducted.

Ozyegin University, which started education with the approach of "research-based entrepreneurship university" by adopting the mission of 3rd Generation University, which is the leader of universities such as MIT and Cambridge, while still in the establishment stage, continued on its way with the goal of "doing studies that benefit society and create added value". With this goal, its academics have been working on projects with commercialization potential, in addition to their research and articles published in international journals since the day it was founded.

Ozyegin University, which was established to serve the society as a researcher and entrepreneurial learning center intertwined with life, aims to ensure that its students have in-depth knowledge in emerging professions, have a good command of a foreign language, are competent in the use of communication and information technologies, have practical skills, and are entrepreneurs with an innovative education model that creates added value. aims to have graduates who have the desire and determination to make a difference in the environment and in the institutions they will work with, with the equipment and experiences they have gained in the courses and in the real world. The university trains not only "professionals" but "entrepreneurs".

88 percent of undergraduate students enrolled at Ozyegin University, who believe that successful students should be able to reach a good education at international standards, regardless of their conditions, receive scholarships. The university provides education with a total of 23 undergraduate and 10 doctoral programs under the roof of 6 faculties, 3 institutes, and 2 colleges. It prepares its students for life on a total area of ​​283 thousand square meters on its campus in Cekmekoy.

Life at Ozyegin University

The university, which welcomed its first students in September 2008 at Istanbul Altunizade Campus, started education in Çekmeköy Campus as of September 2011.

Özyeğin University Çekmeköy Campus is a quiet and peaceful university campus, designed by the world's leading architectural firm, which also designed the buildings of Cambridge and Princeton, and holding Turkey's first LEED Gold Certificate. Quiet and comfortable study rooms in the campus, which is established on a total area of ​​280 thousand square meters; With its modern classrooms and laboratories, a sports center of 15,000 m2, a library of 2,825 m2, 2 auditoriums with 350 and 372 seats, students are provided with opportunities in every subject, and it is aimed that they grow together with social, sportive and cultural activities as well as their academic development.

Life at Ozyegin University offers many options to students both academically and in terms of entertainment. Promising everything that should be in university life, Ozyegin University offers equal opportunities to all its students. It promises a campus life where everything you want for pleasant university life is found.

Ozyegin University Programs & Fees

Being aware of the globalizing market and the intrinsic value of internationalization, Ozyegin University sees the basis of an important international presence in the 21st century as a necessity. For this reason, different ideas, cultures, values, ​​and personalities coexist at the university. Ozyegin values ​​and actively supports a diverse campus.

Being a private university, Koç University has a pricing system that varies according to departments. The information about the departments and faculties within the university and their pricing are as follows: 


  • Faculty of Business Administration - $ 12.000
  • Faculty of Engineering - $ 12.000
  • Faculty of Social Sciences - $ 12.000
  • Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences - $ 12.000
  • Faculty of Law - $ 12.000
  • Faculty of Architecture and Design - $ 12.000
Ozyegin University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Located in Çekmeköy, in the cosmopolitan and vibrant city of Istanbul, Ozyegin University has a beautiful, green, and spacious campus. It strikes a striking balance between access to the center of Istanbul and being away from the city's distractions. Since its inception, Ozyegin University has emerged as a global center of excellence in science and education and is uniquely positioned to explore its overlap with the education offered by the faculties and institutes it offers to pursue basic and applied research and attract the best students.

Istanbul is a metropolis where 15 million people live. And as in every metropolis, the common problem of everyone is transportation. The way to be least affected by this problem is to use public transportation effectively. Bus, minibus, metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray and sea transportation. There are public transportation vehicles that you can easily reach anywhere in Istanbul. However, at this stage, it is very important to use time well and be fast. In addition, discount cards applied to students make transportation cheaper for students.

Every student who wants to take advantage of extracurricular social activities and participate actively in order to add color to university life can choose school clubs. In this respect, Koç University offers a wide range of students. There are also many libraries and suitable cafe options for those who do not want to do their study activities at home.

Istanbul also promises students a full student life with its wonderful historical texture, forests, and museums. Historical baths, madrasahs, palaces, and mansions await students' visits in Istanbul, which has hosted thousands of civilizations, cultures, and religions. It is not possible to discover and learn about Istanbul, which has countless historical and touristic places on both sides, in a short time.

Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. Entertainment life is always lively and active. Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Bebek, Ortaköy, Caddebostan, Taksim and many more districts are among the important addresses of entertainment in Istanbul. In addition to the venues and events where you can have a good time at any time of the day, festivals frequently visit Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city where university students can develop and train themselves. It is definitely possible to start your business life one step ahead and live an unforgettable student life by studying at university here.

Rents in Istanbul are quite expensive compared to other cities in Turkey. Like any city that is a metropolis, life isn't that cheap. However, staying in shared apartments and choosing one of the many private dormitories are among the economical options.

Ways to Study Abroad

Ozyegin University, which has formed its strategic plan with the principle that internationalization increases the quality of education, research, social contribution, and student experience, tries to integrate all these elements of higher education with international understanding and to create an environment that offers many opportunities for intercultural interaction. In this context, Ozyegin University follows a multidimensional strategy and supports the creation of a multicultural student experience, student and staff mobility, international research and development activities, inter-sectoral and international cooperation, and the establishment of necessary structures to serve a multinational world.

The Bologna process is based on the design of all education programs of Ozyegin University. In order to ensure the recognition of mobility and competencies and to observe the principle of transparency, the curriculum has been prepared on the basis of the European and national qualifications framework. The University took the Erasmus Declaration and actively participated in the Erasmus program.

Ozyegin University also participates in student exchange programs as part of the Switzerland-Europe Mobility Program for higher education.

Ozyegin University also participates in the program, which follows the principles of Erasmus+, called the Switzerland-Europe Mobility Program (SEMP), where the Swiss government provides funding for incoming and outgoing students, lecturers, and staff.

Student exchange with partner universities continues within the framework of SEMP through bilateral exchange agreements. The conditions for participation in SEMP originate from the old Erasmus program. Ozyegin University students interested in SEMP should follow certain steps.

SEMP applications and placements are evaluated within the scope of global exchange programs. Each Fall Semester, Ozyegin University International Office notifies and sends informational e-mails to provide the most up-to-date information about exchange programs and welcomes applications within the announced period

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