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Lazarski University

Lazarski University

Lazarski University, one of the first universities that come to mind when education is mentioned in Poland, was established in 1993. Lazarski University has approximately 5000 students. The university, which has more than 300 faculty members, accepts students from 29 different countries. Lazarski University has the law, economics, management, finance and accounting, international relations, and public administration.

Lazarski University, one of the excellent schools for quality undergraduate and graduate education in Poland, provides undergraduate instruction in 3 years and graduate education in 2 years. Lazarski University, which creates another difference in the field of education in Poland, also provides its students with two-degree opportunities with a double degree program.

Lazarski University is also ranked in the top three among Polish Private Universities by the rating agency based in Poland. Lazarski University, located in the Mokotov district of Warsaw, provides a good network with a multinational atmosphere that hosts students from 42 different nationalities in total.

Life at Lazarski University

Life at Lazarski University is quite hectic. It offers university students social opportunities along with a good education. The university, which is a perfect choice for pleasant student life, provides a wide range of options. When we look at these possibilities;

Curriculums are constantly updated in consultation with experts. The BUSINESS COUNCIL, which ensures that the university's syllabuses align with today's market needs, regularly audits the syllabus.

It's not just theoretical; 

  • Interactive lessons with workshops, case studies, and simulations.
  • Early experience with paid internships through partner companies and the chance to already have references
  • Support for students to find a job thanks to the employment department within the university.
  • With the Erasmus+ program, the opportunity to study at more than 90 universities abroad, as well as education and internship opportunities abroad
  • Double degree chance thanks to Coventry University collaboration

The above are among the prominent items. In addition, it offers university students the opportunity to socialize and interact with different cultures with many student clubs.

Lazarski University Programs & Fees

Lazarski University programs and fees are as follows:

Language Preparation Programs

  • English Preparation (October – June) €3,250 October
  • English Preparation (February – June) €1,650 February
  • Polish Preparation (October – June) €2,400 October
  • Polish Preparation (February – June) €1,250 February

Undergraduate Programs and Areas of Specialization

  • Economy (Business Economics) €2,700
  • Management (E-Commerce) €2,700
  • Management (Tourism and Travel Management) €2,700
  • International Relations (European Studies) €2,700 
  • Finance and Accounting€2,700 
  • Double Degree Program (Lazarski + Coventry University): Business Economics €3,400
  • Dual Degree Programme: International Relations and European Studies €3,400 

English Master's Programs and (Specialization Areas)

  • Economics (International Business Economics) €2,700 
  • International Relations (European Management) €2,700 
  • International Relations (Contemporary Politics) €2,700 
  • Double Degree Program (Lazarski + Coventry University): International Business Economics €3,400 
  • Double Degree Program: International Relations and European Management €3,400 
  • Double Degree Program: International Relations and Contemporary Politics €3,400 
Lazarski University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Studying in Poland offers students a quality education at European standards with simple facilities. Poland is very centrally located in the middle of Europe, so there is access to all parts of Europe. As one of the developing countries of Central Europe, Poland has become a center of attraction for students.

Education in Poland, which has managed to attract students from all over the world thanks to the academic staff it has trained in leading European countries such as Germany, England, and France, and the incentives it provides to students, offers a wide variety of programs.

Living costs in Poland are pretty affordable. Warsaw is well below the European equivalent in terms of living costs. Accommodation in Warsaw usually ranges from 95-200€ per month. Especially state dormitories are very cost-effective. In terms of living, students can survive for one month with an allowance of 300 € excluding accommodation. Warsaw University, one of the best universities, is advantageous as it also offers dormitory facilities.

Students who will study at Lazarski University primarily include foundation and degree students in its dormitories. Accommodation costs are very affordable and vary between 120€-180€ per month for dormitories.

Ways to Study Abroad

The international brand of the university is also quite strong. Lazarski University accepts students from all over the world. With its English and Polish education, it takes students through the ERASMUS exchange program and admits many prospective students to undergraduate and graduate programs. Every year, international students from many parts of the world come to the university, which recognizes the university students it hosts within the scope of the ERASMUS program, the opportunity to study in the world's leading universities.

Since the university understands that it prioritizes international education, Lazarski University also offers various overseas education opportunities to its students.

Lazarski University; Coventry University collaborates with the University of Wales, the University of Washington Georgetown, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Kentucky, and 75 universities worldwide. With these agreements, it is aimed that the students receive a high level of education.

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