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Langara College

Langara College

Langara College offers a variety of education and career options to more than 23,000 students each year, helping students chart their path. Thanks to its location in Vancouver, one of the world's most liveable cities, students can take advantage of the activities and charms of a big city that offers stunning natural views against the mountains and west coast.

The institution offers more than 1,700 course options in over 130 programs. These include over 70 programs that give students practical skills for work and study in preparation for a new career field. The breadth of academic options offers students and graduates the opportunity to progress in their own educational paths and achieve their academic and individual goals.

At Langara College, a government-funded Designated Learning Institution, students are eligible to take advantage of off-campus and post-graduate job opportunities through the Government of Canada Postgraduate Work Permit program.

Langara College is one of Canada's leading institutions offering students the opportunity to begin their studies at this institution and complete their undergraduate degrees at another world-class Canadian university. It offers education at affordable fees, which is low compared to other universities. Students benefit from limited class sizes taught by award-winning academics.

Langara Academic Preparatory English is one of the best English as a Foreign Language programs in Canada for learning English and improving the language level before starting English-medium academic programs.

At the same time, international students can apply to live in a Canadian homestay through the homestay program.

Required Levels for Langara College Language Proficiency

For undergraduate programs:

  • TOEFL iBT: Min 80.0
  • IELTS overall: Min 6.5

For diploma programs:

  • TOEFL iBT: Min 80.0
  • IELTS overall: Min 6.5

For specialization certificate programs:

  • TOEFL iBT: Min 90.0
  • IELTS overall: Min 6.5

Students who cannot fulfill their language proficiency at the application stage can receive conditional acceptance and achieve language proficiency until the start of education or reach a sufficient language level at the language school within the school.

Why Langara College?

Langara College provides needs-oriented, accessible undergraduate study opportunities. In addition to undergraduate programs, the school offers certificate, diploma and master's degree specialization programs.

Langara College is a government-funded institution that provides university, career, and continuing education to more than 23,000 students each year, including over 6,000 international students from more than 80 countries. International students benefit from a wealth of options when it comes to planning their education with us, including a variety of undergraduate, associate, diploma, postgraduate diploma and certificate programs. In addition to transfer programs from different colleges and universities, students who start their education at Langara College have different options where they can continue their education by transferring their credits if they wish.

  • Langara College is located in Vancouver, one of Canada's most diverse and culturally rich cities.
  • Students receive personal attention from their instructors; they can express their thoughts and opinions openly in small and supportive classroom settings.
  • International students will never feel lost or alone at Langara College. The LEAP program will help students develop and improve their English language skills, and the University Homestay programs are considered one of the best in the country.
  • Langara College offers a wide variety of program options each semester; There are three entry dates each year.
  • Each faculty of Langara College is also made up of award-winning instructors.
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