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Izmir Economics University

Izmir Economics University

Izmir University of Economics is a foundation university located in Turkey. Founded on April 14, 2001, the university is the first foundation university of the Aegean Region. The language of instruction is English. With the approval of the Council of Higher Education, some units and programs of the University may be decided to provide education partially or completely in a language other than Turkish or English.

Izmir University of Economics initially had two faculties, five colleges and two institutes. On July 1, 2001, upon the suggestion of the then Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Piriştina, it was decided to use the Grand Plaza hotel building in Balçova, which has not been used for nine years, by the university. In the first year, 288 students were educated at the university, which was opened as a result of strengthening and renovation works.

Life at Izmir University

While Izmir University of Economics develops itself rapidly thanks to its strong academic infrastructure; It has a fun, dynamic and 24-hour campus.

The campus, located in the district of Balçova, is easily accessible either by metro, bus or by sea. It is only 25 minutes to go to Alsancak or Konak. In Balçova, one of the most peaceful areas of İzmir; In this university, which is far away from the chaos, stress and traffic of the city, students can spare time for themselves and evaluate their day as they wish.

Interviews, surprise concerts, extraordinary events and festivities held on campus with the participation of famous names are among the indispensable activities of students. Students, who can join one of the more than 50 student clubs at the university according to their interests and tastes, can take their place in the activities held on campus and enjoy the fun.

For students coming to the university from outside of Izmir, there is an option to stay in the dormitories located on campus, and to spend time in distinguished cafes and restaurants. In periods when classes and assignments are intensified, midterms and finals approach; It is also possible to spend a pleasant time on the campus, which is designed with a healthy and environmentally friendly approach, intertwined with green.

The university, which is a few minutes away from Izmir's historical spots, natural beauties, inner-city beaches and entertainment areas, also offers the opportunity to walk in the Balçova Therapy Forest.

Izmir University of Economics Student Dormitories were established to provide accommodation for domestic and international students in a healthy, safe and clean environment and to support communal living conditions.

The Student Dormitories, which were put into service in 2006, are located within the University Campus. In addition to being a part of the University, the dormitories are also the second homes of the students.

Izmir Economics University

Izmir University of Economics Programs & Fees

Izmir University of Economics is home to many departments and faculties as a foundation university. The fees for these departments also vary among themselves. Below you can see the departments and fees of Izmir University of Economics.

Faculty of Law: 6.500 USD

Faculty of Medicine: 8.000 USD

Faculty of Engineering: 6.000 USD

Department of Architecture: 6.000 USD

Nursing Department: 6.000 USD

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department: 6.500 USD

Other Undergraduate Programs: 5.500 USD

Vocational School of Health Services: 2.500 USD

Vocational School of Justice: 2.500 USD

English Preparatory Class: 5.500 USD

Accommodation / Cost of living

In İzmir, which is a very comfortable city in terms of transportation, a student budget does not get tired. It is possible to reach the desired destination by making a maximum of two different transfers in transportation to urban places. Although Izmir High Technology University is the farthest university from the city center, there is no problem in transportation, including the students there.

Neighborhoods such as Alsancak, Bornova and Bostanlı are the right places for students to have a pleasant time. These places are full of cafes, bars and various entertainment venues made for students. There is a flood of people here on Saturday evenings, everyone throws themselves on the street, eats, drinks and has fun as they want. In this respect, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities to live/study in.

Spring comes as of March in İzmir, where the air is quite mild. Living in İzmir, which has a very mild climate during the winter months, promises many enjoyable years for students.

Also, transportation is not expensive, so are state dormitories. Although house prices vary from district to district, people who want to live in a house next to the school can easily go to a house for two people. A monthly rental fee of 1000 TL is quite suitable when compared to other cities. 

In our university, it is possible to develop not only academically but also socially. Students who can choose from more than 50 clubs can make new friends and hobbies.

Ways to Study Abroad

İzmir University of Economics was founded in 2001 by the “İzmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation”. The university is the first foundation university in the Aegean Region to offer programs at associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels.

The language of instruction at Izmir University of Economics is English. This university, which also hosts foreign students from many parts of the world, sends its own students to other universities with exchange programs together with international agreements.

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