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Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University

Setting off with the slogan of "To a Bright Future", Istanbul Aydın University is a city and campus university with its experienced academic staff, who have gained fame with their scientific studies in Turkey and the world, and campuses located in the center of Istanbul.

With the career planning service it offers to its students and graduates, it prepares its students for the profession of their dreams. In addition to theoretical education, it offers a world-class education to its students with its applied education approach.

Istanbul Aydın University has been awarded the ECTS Label and Diploma Supplement Label (ECTS Label), which increases the prestige and quality of the institution, given to higher education institutions that correctly implement the European Credit Transfer System in all associate, undergraduate and graduate programs, as a result of a rigorous examination by the European Commission. DS Label) has been awarded. Istanbul Aydın University gives a diploma supplement to all its graduates. The Diploma Supplement (DE) is a supplementary document given to students in addition to their higher education diplomas, aiming to provide academic and professional recognition (diploma, degree, certificate, etc.) in the international arena. The content of DE was carried out by the European Commission and UNESCO/CEPES. In this way, the education and working opportunities of the graduates of Istanbul Aydın University in European Union countries are increasing day by day.

Istanbul Aydın University prepares its students for business life with an on-site application system and eliminates the "inexperience" factor, which is a disadvantage in job searches. With the concept of lifelong education, it supports its students even after graduation, and with the career center that provides uninterrupted service, studies are carried out to ensure that students have the career they dream of, by making career planning and placing most of them with tens of thousands of solution partners after graduation.

Life at Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydın University offers different activities that will enrich its students socially and culturally as well as improving their students academically. It provides a suitable environment for students to support their vocational education and create more productive structures by gaining the necessary experience in cooperation with other individuals, and to use their more modern, logical, dynamic and quick thinking and analysis energies for gains related to their own and the country's future.

Istanbul Aydın University Information Center serves with a shelf capacity of 50,000 and a seating capacity of 900 people. Existing individual study desks and group study rooms can be reserved for certain hours. Our audio-visual collection consists of film archives and educational multimedia resources. The electronic open archive system of the institution was established for missions such as keeping the intellectual accumulation, opening it for the benefit of the scientific world, and transferring knowledge to future generations, and it has been included in the national open archive system. The library operates on a 24/7 basis.

Istanbul Aydın University, with its Bahçelievler and Florya Campuses, fully meets the expectations of its students, continues to grow rapidly on the way to a bright future by offering brand new opportunities to its students with the ideal of being a "World University" with its academic units and research centers. At the same time, it is a university that makes life easier for students by offering dormitories.

Istanbul Aydin University Programs & Fees

Istanbul Aydin Universitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Hukuk Fakültesi, Ekonomi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi, İletişim Fakültesi, Mühendislik Fakültesi, Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, İletişim Fakültesi, Yabancı Diller Fakültesi ve Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi olmak üzere 9 fakülteye sahiptir. Bu fakültelerin ücretleri bölümlere göre değişiklik göstermektedir. İstanbul Aydin Üniversitesi bölümleri ve ücretleri aşağıdaki gibidir:

Faculty of Sciences and Arts

  • Psychology - 4,000 USD

Faculty of Education

  • Teacher Training in Arabic - 2.500 USD

  • Teacher Training in English - 4,000 USD

  • Special Education Teacher - 4,000 USD

Faculty of Law

  • Law - $4,850

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Economics and Finance - 4,850 USD

  • Management - $4,850

Faculty of Communication

  • Journalism - 4,000 USD

  • Visual Communication Design - 4,000 USD

  • Public Relations and Presentation - 4.000 USD

  • Radio, Television and Cinema - 4,000 USD

  • Advertising - 4,000 USD

  • Television News and Programming - 4,000 USD

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering - 4,850 USD

  • Mechanical Engineering - $4,850

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Child Development - 4,500 USD

  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - 4,500 USD

  • Nursing - 4,500 USD

  • Audiology - 4,500 USD

  • Health Management - $4,500

  • Social Work - 4,500 USD

Faculty of Foreign Languages

  • Interpretation and Translation (English) - 4,000 USD

  • Interpretation and Translation (Russian) - 4,000 USD

Faculty of Fine Arts

  • Cartoon and Animation - 4,500 USD

Istanbul Aydin University

Accommodation / Cost of Living

Istanbul Aydin University aims to provide transportation needs in safe and good conditions. The ring bus, which operates at certain times within the campus, is free of charge. Located in a big city like Istanbul, Aydın University has a campus that is far from the city center but easy to access. It is also possible to enjoy being a student in Istanbul while living on the Aydin University Campus in the Küçükçekmece district of Istanbul.

Istanbul is a metropolis where 15 million people live. And as in every metropolis, the common problem of everyone is transportation. The way to be least affected by this problem is to use public transportation effectively. Bus, minibus, metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray and sea transportation.

There are public transportation vehicles that you can easily reach anywhere in Istanbul. However, at this stage, it is very important to use time well and be fast. In addition, discount cards applied to students make transportation cheaper for students.

It is a priority for students to benefit from and actively participate in extracurricular social activities in order to color the university life. School clubs are a great option to take the first step. There are also many libraries and suitable cafes for those who do not want to do their study activities at home.

Istanbul also promises students a full student life with its wonderful historical texture, forests and museums. Historical baths, madrasahs, palaces and mansions await students in Istanbul, which has hosted thousands of civilizations, cultures and religions. It is not possible to discover and learn about Istanbul, which has countless historical and touristic places on both sides, in a short time.

Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. Entertainment life is always lively and active. Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Bebek, Ortaköy, Caddebostan, Taksim and many more districts are among the important addresses of entertainment in Istanbul. Besides the places and events where you can have a good time with your friends at any time of the day, festivals often visit Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city where university students can develop and train themselves. It is possible to start your business life one step ahead and live an unforgettable student life by studying at university here.

Rents in Istanbul are quite expensive compared to other cities in Turkey. Like any city that is a metropolis, life isn't that cheap. However, staying in shared apartments and choosing one of the many private dormitories are among the economical options.

Ways to Study Abroad

Istanbul Aydın University has Erasmus+ bilateral agreements with 266 universities from 49 countries, 28 of which are European countries, within the scope of ERASMUS program. In this context, in addition to hosting many students from abroad, it also offers many students the opportunity to study abroad. With the awareness that scientific research and development is possible with superior technology and taking steps with the principle of "Technological University", Istanbul Aydın University provides uninterrupted service to its students with its foreign language, food and computer laboratories equipped with advanced technology. Also, one of Turkey's most distinguished multidisciplinary university technology centers: Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar Technology Center offers an application-oriented engineering education service.

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