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Istanbul Altinbas University

Istanbul Altinbas University

The university, which was founded in 2008 by the Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation under the name "Istanbul Kemerburgaz University,” continues on its way with the word "Altınbaş University" with the name change made in 2017.

Altinbas University, which received its first students in the 2011-2012 academic year, quickly progressed towards becoming an international research university with the breakthroughs it made in a short time. In this context, it continued to create added value in science with the patents obtained, TÜBİTAK projects, and leadership in international congresses. Altinbas University, which has 9 Faculties, 1 Graduate School, and 2 Vocational Schools, continues its education with 26 undergraduate, 11 associate degrees, 24 graduate, and eight doctoral programs. Within the scope of its goal of becoming an international science center, more than 3 thousand of the over 10 thousand students studying at the university are students from 88 different countries of the world.

Altinbas University increases educational opportunities and strengthens its place in the professional business world with its graduates, with its strong academic staff that adds value to universal knowledge, its international structure and partnerships, and an entrepreneurial, innovative, and competitive university vision that allows students to keep their horizons constantly broad.

Altinbas University, which monitors the education plan and technology simultaneously with other institutions globally, keeps its processes up-to-date with its continuous development methodology; It continues to serve with the mission of being a solution-priority university that supports innovation and accessible research, acts with a sense of social responsibility.

Altinbas University has a solid academic staff with Ph.D. degrees from internationally known universities, teaching experience at the best universities, and business experience in national and international institutions, national and international projects, and publications.

Altinbas University also supports students in their business life, thanks to the Career Center, which helps students find a job before they graduate.

Life at Altinbas University

Altinbas University with internationally accepted degrees, relations with more than 150 universities in 30 countries, 53 laboratories, the largest Health Sciences Campus among universities in Turkey, distinguished academic staff, business partnership with over 100 companies, internship, summer school and study abroad opportunities, as well as outstanding campus facilities.

The campuses and facilities of the university, which has three campuses in Istanbul, are as follows:

Mahmutbey Campus

The campus is not just for education; It is designed to enrich students' social and cultural lives. In this context, the campus has many opportunities to organize international conferences, expert talks, concerts, festivals, and exhibitions.

The main library of Altinbas University has a rich collection of books and periodicals. Provides access to worldwide databases. It is rapidly advancing to become a modern library that supports scientific and intellectual activities and provides cutting-edge technology at international standards.

Altinbas University's Health Center provides service during working hours with a doctor, nurse, and a fully equipped clinic.

Its Psychology Research and Application Center provides counseling services to adults, couples, children, adolescents, and families. In addition, it conducts educational activities, clinical measurement and evaluation, group therapies, seminars, and scientific research activities.

With the Sports Center and Stadium, Altinbas University provides its students with many unique and exciting opportunities to participate in competitive team sports and stay physically in top shape, with a worldwide training center.

Bakirkoy Campus

Bakırköy is home to the most significant health sciences campus among other foundation universities. Its structure; houses the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and the Dental Hospital. It is located in a central point of Bakırköy, in a lively area with its restaurants and shopping centers. There are many private accommodation options right next to the campus.

Gayrettepe Campus

Gayrettepe Campus is in the center of the city; It is home to the Faculty of Business, Law, Fine Arts, Applied Sciences, and the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

This campus offers social and cultural activities in the heart of Istanbul; It is located in an area easily accessible to the newest Turkish and World cuisine restaurants in the city. The headquarters of many multinational companies are located in Gayrettepe.

Due to the central location of the campus in Gayrettepe, there are many private accommodation options around the campus.

Altinbas University Programs & Fees


Altinbas University programs and fees are as follows:

Bachelor's Degree

  • School of Engineering and Natural Sciences - $8,500

  • School of Management - $8,500

  • School of Applied Sciences - $8,500

  • School of Economics and Administrative Sciences - $8,500

  • School of Fine Arts and Design - $8,500

  • School of Law - $8,500

  • School of Pharmacy - $15,000

  • School of Dentistry - $20,000

  • School of Medicine - $25,000

Master’s Degree

  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering - $6,900 (total program fee)

  • Graduate School of Social Sciences - $6,900 (total program fee)

  • Graduate School of Health Sciences - $25,000 (per year)

PhD Programs 

All PhD Programs - $19,800 (total program fee)

Istanbul Altinbas University

Accommodation / Cost of Living

Istanbul is a metropolis where 15 million people live. And as in every municipality, the common problem of everyone is transportation. The way to be least affected by this problem is to use public transit effectively. Bus, minibus, metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray and sea transportation.

There are public vehicles that you can easily reach anywhere in Istanbul. However, at this stage, it is essential to use time well and be fast. In addition, discount cards applied to students make transportation cheaper for students.

It is a priority for students to benefit from and actively participate in extracurricular social activities to color university life. School clubs are a great option to take the first step. There are also many libraries and suitable cafes for those who do not want to do their study activities at home.

Istanbul also promises students an entire student life with its wonderful historical texture, forests, and museums. Historical baths, madrasahs, palaces, and mansions await students in Istanbul, which has hosted thousands of civilizations, cultures, and religions. It is not possible to discover and learn about Istanbul, which has countless historical and touristic places on both sides, in a short time.

Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. Entertainment life is always lively and active. Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Bebek, Ortaköy, Caddebostan, Taksim and many more districts are among the important addresses of entertainment in Istanbul. Besides the venues and events where you can have a good time with your friends at any time of the day, festivals often visit Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city where university students can develop and train themselves. It is possible to start your business life one step ahead and live an unforgettable student life by studying at the university.

Rents in Istanbul are pretty expensive compared to other cities in Turkey. Like any city that is a metropolis, life isn't that cheap. However, it is economical to stay in shared apartments and choose one of the many private dormitories.

Ways to Study Abroad

The partner universities that Altinbas University has agreements with are divided into two main categories as "Erasmus" and "International Bilateral Agreements.”

Within the scope of Erasmus Exchange Agreements, many students study at various universities in Europe every year as exchange students. In addition, many international students within the university come to Istanbul and find the opportunity to look at this distinguished city university.

In addition, with international exchange agreements, Altinbas University exchanges students with the schools it has dealt with. In this way, the school that fosters its global identity offers its students vast opportunities abroad.

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