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EU Business School

EU Business School

About EU Business School

EU Business School is a private business school that has campuses in several cities such as Geneva and Montreux, Barcelona, and Munich. EU Business School Barcelona offers a top-notch business education both online and on campuses. High-level academics, consultants, business leaders, and entrepreneurs train students from more than 100 different countries in the innovative business programs offered by the EU in English. According to CEO Magazine's online global rankings, the EU's Digital MBA ranked first. Moreover, the city of Barcelona where the campus is located has quickly emerged as a hub for youthful, creative talent, with hundreds of start-ups, entrepreneurs starting new businesses, and expanding business sectors. Additionally, Barcelona is the ideal location for international business education because it has a very low cost of living and countless chances for socializing and playing sports.

Admission and Application Requirements

Undergraduate Programs and Admission Requirements

There are several programs to choose from at EU Business School. The Bachelor programs at EU are listed below.

  • BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts in Digital Business, Design & Innovation

Studying for a business degree in the EU effectively requires a certain level of English proficiency. The school provides an English foundation program for students who need to improve their language skills to guarantee that they get the most out of their time studying in the EU. The accepted Language tests are IELTS, TOEFL and CAE B1.  In order to meet the admission requirements, students need to have a minimum score of 5.0 from IELTS, a minimum score of 154 from CAE B1, or, a minimum of 60 from TOEFL IBT is required. Moreover, your high school certificate, letter of recommendation and motivation letter is demanded by EU Business School.  

Postgraduate Programs and Admission Requirements

The master's programs at EU are specially made to help students get ready for a particular business field while giving them a well-rounded grasp of fundamental ideas. The postgraduate courses at EU are given below.

  • Masters in management 
  • Masters in marketing 
  • Masters in finance 
  • Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management 
  • Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
  • Masters in digital business 
  • Master in Fashion & Luxury Business 
  • Masters in digital marketing, Transformation & Design Thinking 
  • Masters in business Analytics & Data Science 

The MBA programs at EU are also varied as it is listed below:

  • MBA in International Business 
  • MBA in Communication & Public Relations 
  • MBA in International Marketing 
  • MBA in Global Banking & Finance 
  • MBA in Leisure & Tourism Management 
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship 
  • MBA in Digital Business 
  • MBA in Sports Management 
  • MBA in Human Resources Management 
  • MBA in Design Management 
  • MBA in Blockchain Management

Admission requirements for postgraduate courses at EU include 1 certified copy of a bachelor's degree and transcripts along with a minimum score of 6.5 from IELTS, a minimum score of 176 from CAE C1, or, a minimum of 89 from TOEFL IBT. Moreover, Applicants for MBA must meet either a 3.0 GPA or a satisfactory score on GMAT or GRE. Additionally, an interview with the academic dean might be required for some programs. 

Also, MBA programs in EU have a similar admission procedure. For these programs, a minimum score of 6.5 from IELTS, a minimum score of 176 from CAE C1, or, a minimum of 89 from TOEFL IBT is required. Applicants for MBA must also meet either a 3.0 GPA or a satisfactory score on GMAT or GRE. 

Prices & Fees

Bachelors & Masters Degree Programs Tuition Fees 

According to the 2022-2023 academic plan for tuition fees at EU, the application fee is 200 EUR while the dissertation fee is 630 EUR for bachelor’s programs. In three years, programs, fees per semester are 6,750 EUR. 

For master’s programs, the application fee is 200 EUR. In one-year programs (three terms), fees per term are 5,200 EUR.

In MBA programs, students can choose between full-time and part-time MBAs. For a full-time MBA program (three terms, one year), the tuition fee per term is 7,300 EUR while part-time program (six terms, two years), the tuition fee per term is 3,650 EUR.

Accommodation and Cost of Living

Barcelona is a stunning Mediterranean city with white sand beaches, a quaint old town, numerous UNESCO-listed landmarks, a great selection of sporting events, and plenty of socializing opportunities. EU’s official site offers you many accommodation places as well.  Inviting student housing neighbourhoods can be found all over Barcelona, from Sant Pere to the Barri Gtic, each with its own distinctive charm, features, and facilities. However, monthly rentals in Barcelona fluctuate. While shared apartments can find Around 300 to 500 Euros, private ones can find 650 Euros or more. Therefore, you should choose whether a private or shared home will best suit your requirements and your budget before you begin your search for student housing.  

In Barcelona, according to recent data, a single person’s estimated monthly costs are 760 EUR without rent. Transport in Barcelona is inexpensive and simple to use. Barcelona is simple to travel on a bike, and many designated cycling routes make it secure. Biking is the ideal option if you'd rather cycle without the hassle of having a bike. You can rent a regular or electric bicycle in the city for a small, annual fee and leave it off at your location.

Spain's affordable food costs make it simple to adhere to a spending plan. Where you buy will affect the price of your groceries; larger supermarkets typically give discounts. As an individual, you can typically anticipate spending $30 per week on groceries. Most of the restaurants charge between $10 and $15 for a "menu del dia" (meal of the day). In Spain, lunch is typically served around 2:00 pm and consists of a three-course dinner, a beverage, and typically bread. 

Furthermore, transportation expenses in Spain are quite affordable. There are bus and train networks in most cities and villages, and one-way tickets range from $2 to $4. The T-10 card, on the other hand, offers ten applications with no time limit. This ticket is currently available for $11.20.

Social Life

Students are in a good spot to enjoy life on the Mediterranean in the perfect atmosphere for learning thanks to the two campus locations in Barcelona. The campuses of EU in Barcelona are surrounded by charming parks and cafes, as well as restaurants and bars with terraces that are ideal for inviting lunch breaks. Furthermore, the school arranges lots of extracurricular activities. In the Welcome Nights, students have the opportunity to socialize and get to know their classmates, lecturers, and other staff members in a casual atmosphere just before the classes start. Also, the EU invites students to engage in sports activities throughout the year and hosts annual tennis, paddle, and beach volleyball competitions.

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