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Debrecen University

Debrecen University

Debrecen, Hungary's second largest city, is home to the University of Debrecen, one of the country's most important and well-established universities. The University of Debrecen, whose establishment dates back to 1,538, today offers a wide variety of education opportunities with its 1,700 faculty members, 15 faculties and 20 doctoral programs, and is a university with international recognition and prestige.

There are many different faculties at the University of Debrecen such as engineering, business, social sciences, and natural sciences. There are approximately 3500 foreign students at the University of Debrecen, where approximately 30,000 students are educated.

The university has four major campuses in Debrecen. The oldest is the main campus, which houses most of the faculties such as Science and Technology, Humanities, Music and Medicine. The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management and the Faculty of Economics and Business are on a smaller campus on Böszörményi street.

The third campus is on Ştemető street, where the Faculty of Engineering is located. The youngest campus is based on Kassai street, where the Faculties of Law, Informatics and Public Health are located. The Faculty of Health is also an educational unit of the University of Debrecen, but it's campus is located in the nearby city of Nyíregyháza.

Life at Debrecen University

Student life in Debrecen, Hungary is very lively and can be organized and really diversified. Students can enjoy numerous entertainment opportunities with their friends.

One of Hungary's most attractive and modern university campuses, Debrecen is located in the Great Forest Nature Reserve, which is very inviting for excursions. It is not in vain that the city of Debrecen is known as the city of festivals. With its many cultural activities, it provides a pleasant departure from intensive Medicine / Dentistry studies.

UD has seven campuses, five of which are located directly in Debrecen and two in the nearby towns of Hajdúböszörmény und Nyíregyháza. Medical/Dentistry students stay on the largest campus, the Medical Campus, and can find everything needed for daily life directly on campus or in close proximity; Banks, pharmacies, cinema, hairdresser, cafes, restaurants, bars as well as a fitness center, sports fields or shopping centers.

UD promises every student a high-quality education and is recognized throughout Europe for its excellent teaching and research. Anyone studying at UD will find it difficult to leave school.

Debrecen University offers its students very comfortable and luxurious accommodation in private dormitory buildings on campus. The monthly fees of these dormitories are around 350 Euros. Many students prefer these dormitories because they are on campus. In addition, the cost of accommodation can be much more economical by renting a house in the city. In houses shared by 2-3 students, the monthly rental cost per person is around 150 – 200 Euros.

Debrecen University Programs & Fees

The University of Debrecen has a very comprehensive educational program. The education departments of the university, which welcomes many students every year, and the fees for these departments are as follows:

Prep Classes

Chapter Preparation – $6,000

Music Theory, General Music Studies, Choir Conducting $6,000

Bachelor’s Departments

  • Engineering and IT Departments

Agricultural Engineering - $6,500

Food Engineering - $6,500

Business Informatics - $6,000

Computer Science - $6,000

Computer Science Engineering - $6,000

Chemical Engineering - $6,000

Biochemical Engineering - $6,000

Electrical Engineering - $6,000

Mechanical Engineering - $ 6,500

Civil Engineering - $ 6,500

Environmental Engineering - $5,500

Mechatronics Engineering - $6,500

  • Other Sections

Commerce and Marketing - $5,500

Physiotherapy - $6,000

Biology - $6,000

Chemistry - $6,000

Mathematics - $6,000

Physics - $6,000

Business Administration and Management - $5,500

English Studies - $5,500

  • Special ability

Musical Creative Art and Musicology - $8,500

Performance - $8,500

Masters Departments

Mechanical Engineering - $7,500

Health Social Work - $5,000

Public Health - $12,000

Applied Mathematics - $7,000

Molecular Biology - $8,500

Computer Science Engineering - $7,000

English Studies $ 6.500

Performance - $8,500

North American Studies - $6,500

Master of Business Administration - $6,500

International Economy and Business - $6,500

LLM in European and International Business Law - $ 6,500

Computer Science - $7,000

Agricultural Engineering - $6,500

Business Development - $6,500

Animal Science$ - 6,500

Food Safety & Quality - $6,500

Environmental Management - $7,500

Mechatronics Engineering - $7,500

Chemistry - $7,000

Hydrobiology - $7,000

Debrecen University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest and is 220 km from the capital Budapest. Debrecen was the largest city in Hungary until the 18th century. The first name of the city is mentioned as "Debrezun'' in the sources. It is thought that this name comes from Debresin, an Old Turkish word. Debrecen's proximity to Ukraine and Romania has made the city a commercial center.

Boutique hotels and mid-range hotels make up the majority in Debrecen. It is possible to stay at affordable prices, especially thanks to hostels. Debrecen, which is generally known as a student city, shows that it is really the right city for students with the many opportunities it offers. The average prices of the houses that students who will study in Debrecen can rent are at a more affordable level compared to other cities in Hungary.

Urban transportation in Debrecen is carried out by trams, buses and trolleybuses. Transportation in the city is very convenient. All parts of Debrecen can be easily reached by public transport or on foot. There are also bicycle rental points in the city center.

Pasta and potatoes are heavily consumed foods in Debrecen cuisine. It is possible to see the goulash dish, which is very popular in Hungarian cuisine, in restaurants in Debrecen. Apart from this, crepe desserts called Palaçinka containing sugar and walnuts are one of the popular dishes of Debrecen.

Extremely entertaining festivals are held in Debrecen, known as the student city. Debrecen Wine and Jazz Days is one of the indispensable festivals of August. More than 30 jazz artists take the stage at this festival. Debrecen Flower Festival, which brings together tourists from all over the world in Debrecen in August, takes place on August 20 every year. Flowers designed on cars create a colorful festival atmosphere while touring the city.

One of the must-see structures in the city, the Great Protestant Church, also known as Nagytemplom, is located in a central location between Kossuth and Kalvin squares. It is also the symbol of the Evangelical Church in Nagytemplom Hungary. The church was built in the 19th century in the Neo-Classical style.

The Leather Museum, which contains Mihaly Muncasky's oil painting art collection, is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in Debrecen. The museum also has a large handcrafted Ancient Egyptian collection.

Generally continental climate is seen in Hungary. Winter seasons are cold, cloudy and snowy, while summer seasons are hot and dry. In the summer season, precipitation is seen in the high parts of the country. The average annual temperature across the country is between 9-10 degrees. In winter, the average temperature can drop to -10 degrees. The highest temperature seen throughout the country in summer is around 30 degrees.

Debrecen is also a city of students. Living costs are quite affordable by European standards. Monthly accommodation costs of students are between 150€ - 350€. Transport costs around 20 € - 30 €. There is a total of 200 € - 350 € expenses for food and beverage costs and social life.

Ways to Study Abroad

Studying at the University of Debrecen promises a unique experience. Students of UD become part of a community of over 30,000 students from over 60 countries. Every year, many students from various parts of the world come to the university to study. In addition, Debrecen University has also made agreements that will enable its students to benefit from exchange programs. The first of these is Erasmus. Debrecen University students can participate in exchange programs and study at European universities that have an Erasmus program.

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