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Czech University of Life Sciences

Czech University of Life Sciences

Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS) is one of the oldest public universities in Czechia, founded in 1906. The university has 7 different faculties and these facilities provide undergraduate and graduate education. In addition, the Czech University of Life Sciences is among the top 1000 universities in the world ranking.

The language of instruction at the Czech University of Life Sciences is English. An English preparatory program is also offered to students at the school in order to raise the level of English to the required level before starting the undergraduate or graduate program.

Life at Czech University of Life Sciences

The Czech University of Life Sciences has 5 dormitories of its own, where it offers accommodation for its students. In these dormitories, students generally provide accommodation in shared rooms. If they wish, students can also rent an apartment when they go. However, international students generally prefer to stay in university dormitories the first year they go to the city. After acquiring the environment and learning about the city, students prefer to go out to shared houses.

Czech University of Life Sciences is located in Prague. CULS has proven itself in the field of Agriculture and Forestry in the Czech Republic. It also has the strongest Management Faculty in Czechia. Recently, CULS has expanded its educational opportunities in ecological and environmental fields; gives more importance to the preparation of professionals of economy, agriculture, national economy and international organizations.

CULS has 7 different faculties. Offering a wide range of full and part-time education programs, the university is home to 18,000 students. University; It offers more than 170 educational programs at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. Its largest faculty, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, accepts more than 10,000 students every year and is among the most popular faculties in Czechia.

Almost 100% of students graduating from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences at CULS can find employment immediately. The university, which is a respected research center with all its faculties, also provides many opportunities for students to do research and field work for incentive purposes.

Czech University of Life Sciences Programs & Fees

Czech University of Life Sciences is in a remarkable place with its programs, faculties and student fees. In addition to the paid departments of the university, there are also many free departments. The departments and fees of the Czech University of Life Sciences are as follows:

Preparatory Program

English Preparatory Program - €4.490

Bachelor’s Departments – (English)

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources - € 3.150

Agriculture and Food - € 3,150

Agricultural Engineering - € 3.150

Economics and Management - € 5.990

Business Administration - € 5,990

Informatics - € 5.990

Forestry - € 580

International cooperation in Agriculture and Rural Development - € 310

GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Sciences - € 300

Environmental Engineering - € 480

Environmental Data Science - € 480

Forest Ecosystems Protection and Silviculture - € 1,000

Master's Departments (English)

Economics and Management - € 6.990

Business Administration - € 6.990

Informatics - € 6.990

European Agrarian Diplomacy - € 4.200

Natural Resources and Environment - € 3,500

Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering - € 4,700

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security - € 4,700

Forestry, Water and Landscape Management - € 650

Forest Engineering - € 600

Environmental Modeling - € 800

Nature Conservation - € 800

Landscape Planning - € 800

Environmental Geoscience - € 800

Sustainable Rural Development in Tropics and Subtropics - € 200

Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry - € 235

Animal and Food Science in Tropics and Subtropics - € 200

Wildlife Management in Tropics and Subtropics - € 200

Tropical Crop Management and Ecology - € 235

International Development and Agricultural Economics - € 235

Technology and Environmental Engineering - € 3,180

Agri-Food Systems and Rural Development - € 235

Czech University of Life Sciences

Accommodation / Cost of living

Czechia is a much more economical country than many other European countries. Education, accommodation, transportation and meals are affordable for students. When looking at accommodation options in Prague, university dormitories and student houses come to the fore.

Finding accommodation in Prague is much easier than in other European cities. The most preferred accommodation option in Prague is university dormitories. The average accommodation fees in the dormitories of universities are between 150-250 Euros. The option of renting a private house in Prague can be an option that students can choose with their friends after completing the preparatory period. Finding student housing is both difficult and more costly.

Living standards in Prague offer the best facilities in Europe. In addition, it is more affordable than many European cities in terms of living costs. The average monthly expense of a student is between 450-500 Euros. This amount depends on the student's spending habits or whether they prefer to eat at home.

Due to the fact that the Czech Republic does not have a coastline, the temperature difference in summer and winter is high. While the summer months are cool, the winter months are cold and the precipitation is usually in the form of snow. While the temperature increases rapidly in April, the hottest times of the year are June, July and August.

Ways to Study Abroad

The Czech Republic has the opportunity to have a double degree with the education received at the Czech University of Life Sciences, one of the best public universities. When you register to receive double diploma education in the undergraduate programs of the schools with which the university has a contract, you can have a diploma from both the Czech University and one of the American, Canadian or Swiss Universities. The duration of undergraduate education takes 3 years in total. For the first 2 years, the education continues at the Czech University of Life Sciences. Final year students can go to one of the countries they choose and complete their education.

While there are voluntary internship opportunities for Canada and the USA in the destination countries, there is a compulsory internship in the dual degree program in Switzerland. Compulsory internship practice, especially in Switzerland, is paid internship and students can both earn pocket money and easily meet their living expenses within 1 year of education.

One of the most important requirements to be able to apply to the program is that the student who will apply has English proficiency. In order to apply, the student must have a minimum score of IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 500.

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