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Czech Technical University

Czech Technical University

Established in 1707, the Czech Technical University is the oldest and largest technical university in Europe. The university, which has 8 faculties (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physics Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology), has 170 accredited education programs, 53 of which are in foreign languages.

Approximately 17.000 students are educated at the university, which provides education with the philosophy of raising scientists, managers, and modern experts who can keep up with the needs of our age. Hec Paris, LSE, Kingston, Lomonosov MSU etc. The university, which has partnership agreements with universities such as universities, is ranked high in many success rating institutions. According to the QS World University Ranking, which evaluates 1620 universities worldwide, Czech Technical University ranks 498th globally and 9th in the developing Europe and Central Asia region. The university, which is in partnership with the leading companies of the sectors such as Amazon, Porsche Engineering, Skoda, KB (Societe Generale Group), NET4GAS, Profesia, Unicorn, can help students in terms of job opportunities.

Life at Czech Technical University

The language of instruction at the Czech Technical University is English. Thanks to the education received here, graduating students can use the English language as their mother tongue. It is possible to participate in both undergraduate and graduate programs at the school. Undergraduate education lasts 3-4 years, while graduate education lasts 2 years.

The city has many artistic structures that affect tourists. Some of these are places such as Loretta monastery and Prague castle, Charles bridge, Astronomical clock tower, Prague City Hall, Church of the Child of Christ. These symbols of the city make the city one of the most visited cities in the world every year. Compared to other Western European cities, living costs in Prague are quite affordable. It is a great opportunity for students who benefit from student discounts.

In the city of Prague, where the university campus is located, the first words that come to mind when talking about public transportation are economical, comfortable and fast. Prague's public transport infrastructure includes three metro lines, tram, bus lines, suburban trains, funicular and 6 ferry lines. There are integrated student cards to be used in public transport. This card, known as LITACKA, is cheaper for individual ticket purchases. This card can be purchased monthly, quarterly or annually. In order to benefit from the discounts, students can apply with their student documents and get discount cards.

Czech Technical University offers 8 different dormitories for its students and makes placements. Dormitory prices are determined on a daily basis and there are different prices for each dormitory and room type. University dormitories are not modern as they were built a long time ago, but they are one of the most ideal options to stay in a touristic city like Prague by paying an average of 200 € per month. For this reason, almost all international students prefer university dormitories for accommodation in the first year.

Czech Technical University Programs & Fees

It is possible to receive many departments, programs and training at the Czech Technical University. In this context, the university makes its fees according to the departments. University programs and fee information are as follows.

  • Bachelor’s Departments (English)

Civil Engineering - Building Structures - € 4.500

Theoretical Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering - € 4.500

Production and Economics in Engineering - € 4.300

Professional Pilot - € 4.500

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  - € 4.500

Nuclear and Particle Physics  - € 4.500

Physical Engineering  - € 4.500

Quantum Technologies  - € 4.500

Biomedical Technology - € 4.500

Informatics - € 5.250

Economics and Management € 4.300

  • Master's Departments (English)

Civil Engineering - Building Structures - € 5.400

Mechanical Engineering - € 5.160

Automotive Engineering - € 5.400

Intelligent Buildings - € 5.400

Nuclear Power Engineering Equipment - € 5.400

Aerospace Engineering - € 5.160

Biomedical Engineering and Informatics - € 5.160

Cybernetics and Robotics - € 5.160

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management - € 5.160

Electronics and Communications - € 5.160

Open Informatics - € 5.160

Mathematics and Informatics - € 5.160

Physics - € 5.160

Nuclear Physics - € 5.160

Nuclear Chemistry - € 5.160

Architecture and Urbanism - € 5.160

Design - € 5.160

Technology in Transportation and Telecommunication - € 5.160

Biomedical Engineering - € 5.160

Systematic Integration of Process in Healthcare - € 5.160

Informatics - € 5.160

Water and Environmental Engineering - € 5.400

Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions - € 5.400

Aeronautics and Astronautics - € 5.400

Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering - € 5.400

Automation and Instrumentation Engineering - € 5.400

Energy and Process Engineering - € 5.400

Environmental Engineering - € 5.400

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management: Electrical Drives - € 5.400

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management: Electrical Power Engineering - € 5.400

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management: Management of Power Engineering and Electrotechnics - € 5.400

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management: Technological Systems    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Communication Systems and Networks    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Electronics    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Media and Signal Processing    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Mobil Communications    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Photonics    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Radio Communications and Systems    € 5.400

Electronics and communication: Technology of the Internet of Things    € 5.400

Cybernetics and robotics: Robotics    € 5.400

Cybernetics and robotics: Systems and control    € 5.400

Cybernetics and robotics: Sensors and instrumentation    € 5.400

Cybernetics and robotics: Aerospace systems    € 5.400

Open informatics: Software Engineering    € 5.400

Open informatics: Artificial Intelligence    € 5.400

Open informatics: Computer Engineering    € 5.400

Open informatics: Data Science    € 5.400

Open informatics: Computer Graphics    € 5.400

Open informatics: Computer Vision and Image Processing    € 5.400

Open informatics: Cybersecurity    € 5.400

Medical electronics and Bioinformatics: Image Processing    € 5.400

Medical electronics and Bioinformatics: Signal Processing    € 5.400

Medical electronics and Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics    € 5.400

Medical electronics and Bioinformatics: Medical Instrumentation    € 5.400

Aerospace Engineering    € 5.400

Mathematical Physics    € 5.400

Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion    € 5.400

Solid State Engineering    € 5.400

Physical Electronics    € 5.400

Quantum Technologies    € 5.400

Nuclear and Particle Physics    € 5.400

Nuclear Engineering    € 5.400

Nuclear Chemistry    € 5.400

Architecture and Urbanism    € 5.400

Design    € 5.400

Landscape     € 5.400

Intelligent Transport Systems    € 5.400

Smart Cities    € 5.400

Biomedical and Clinical Engineering    € 5.400

Systematic Integration of Processes in Healthcare € 5.400

Computer Science    € 5.000

Computer Security    € 5.000

Computer Systems and Networks    € 5.000

Design and Programming of Embedded Systems    € 5.000

Software Engineering     € 5.000

Czech Technical University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Czechia is a much more economical country than many other European countries. Education, accommodation, transportation and meals are affordable for students. When looking at accommodation options in Prague, university dormitories and student houses come to the fore.

Finding accommodation in Prague is much easier than in other European cities. The most preferred accommodation option in Prague is university dormitories. The average accommodation fees in the dormitories of universities are between 150-250 Euros. The option of renting a private house in Prague can be an option that students can choose with their friends after completing the preparatory period. Finding student housing is both difficult and more costly.

Living standards in Prague offer the best facilities in Europe. In addition, it is more affordable than many European cities in terms of living costs. The average monthly expense of a student is between 450-500 Euros. This amount depends on the student's spending habits or whether they prefer to eat at home.

Due to the fact that the Czech Republic does not have a coastline, the temperature difference in summer and winter is high. While the summer months are cool, the winter months are cold and the precipitation is usually in the form of snow. While the temperature increases rapidly in April, the hottest times of the year are June, July and August.

Ways to Study Abroad

The Czech Technical University gives its students the opportunity to travel to prestigious foreign universities during their studies, the university that has contracts with more than 300 partner schools also offers students the opportunity to make deals with large companies during their education.

CTU has the prestigious Diploma Supplement Label award; this means that all our graduates will automatically and free of charge receive a diploma supplement in the Czech-English language version.

Offering students a wide range of study opportunities at leading foreign universities in EU countries, North and South America, Australia and Asia, the university is also receiving an increasing number of foreign visitors in terms of students and academic staff.

The university, which is a member of the European Technology Students Board, allows technical students to travel and study throughout Europe thanks to this board.

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