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Charles University

Charles University

Charles University was founded in 1348 by the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor IV. It was established during the reign of Charles.

The university, which quickly gained international fame, modeled after the universities of Bologna and Paris, initially had four faculties: theology, liberal arts, law, and medicine.

Charles University is known as the oldest university in Czechia. The university, which has a well-known educational quality, witnesses the participation of international students from many different parts of the world every year. Charles University, which has won the title of the 305th best university in the world lists, is an excellent university choice for students with its professionalism and success rates in education. In the field of medical education, especially with its departments such as physical therapy, pharmacy and dentistry, the university also has departments related to economics, law, English and art. Charles University, which is among the priority options for undergraduate or graduate education depending on personal preferences, is the university where world-renowned scientists and academics are educated. The university is also known by names such as Albert Einstein, chemist Jaroslav Heyrovsky, physicist Ernst Mach, and Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, also known as the country's founder.

Known especially for its outstanding educational opportunities in the field of health, Charles University has a total of 17 faculties, and a total of more than 50 thousand students have been educated since the first day of its establishment. Accepting thousands of students to many different education programs both nationally and internationally every year, 14 faculties of Charles University are located in Prague, two of them in Hradec Kralove and one in the city called Plzen.

Life at Charles University

Charles University offers students and staff a wide variety of opportunities to pursue their leisure time and hobbies. In addition to having a large student community, the University also has several sports complexes and other interesting places where people can meet and spend their free time.

Research and teaching at Charles University is scattered across many different sites, complicating the university's life as a cohesive academic community. However, leisure activities have a strong potential to overcome this obstacle.

It is aimed to unite all members of the University, regardless of which faculty they belong to in the university, whose common interest in sports and cultural activities is to share with other people. At the same time, the university; It has units such as the Center for Computer Science, Center for Information and Technology Transfer, Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, and Charles University Central Library. With these units, it aims to nurture students in many ways.

Other structures that come to mind when it comes to life at the university are among the opportunities offered by the university. These:

  • Dormitories and Dining Halls
  • Carolinum Press
  • Facilities and Facility Management Centers
  • Center Crystal

Charles University Programs & Fees

Charles University is a very rooted and old university. This institution, which has made a name among the ambitious universities in the world with the education it provides, has 4 institutes and 17 faculties. The institute and faculties and their fee information are as follows:


  • Institute of the History of Charles University and Archive of Charles University
  • Center for Theoretical Study
  • Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education
  • Environment Center


University tuition fees for bachelor’s  and master's programs are as follows:

  • Catholic Theological Faculty - 124 USD /1 year
  • Protestant Theological Faculty - 124 USD /1 year
  • Hussite Theological Faculty - 124 USD /1 year
  • Faculty of Law - USD 6,000
  • First Faculty of Medicine - 18,000 USD/1 year
  • Second Faculty of Medicine - 15,000 USD/1 year
  • Third Faculty of Medicine - 16.000 USD/1 year
  • Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň - 13,000 USD/1 year
  • Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove - 14.000 USD/1 year
  • Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove - EUR 7,600
  • Faculty of Arts - EUR 3,000
  • Faculty of Science - 1,300 USD
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - 6,500 USD
  • Faculty of Social Sciences - EUR 6,000
  • Faculty of Physical Education and Sport - 7,300 USD
  • Faculty of Humanities - EUR 2,000

Bachelor’s Departments (English)

Protestant Theology    € 1,100.00
Computer Science    € 5,700.00
Economics and Finance    € 7,000.00
History and Area Studies    € 5,000.00
Politics, Philosophy and Economics    € 7,000.00
Social Sciences    € 6,000.00
Liberal Arts and Humanities    € 3,000.00
Coach    € 6,600.00
Fitness Coach    € 6,600.00
Physiotherapy    € 9,100.00
Pharmacy    € 7,600.00

Master's Departments (English)

Protestant Theology    € 1,100.00
Pharmaceutical Sciences    € 7,600.00
English Language and Linguistics    € 4,600.00
Logic    € 4,600.00
Botany    € 1,300.00
Demography    € 2,600.00
Ecology    € 1,300.00
Immunology    € 1,300.00
Parasitology and Infection Biology    € 3,500.00
Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Climatology    € 5,700.00
Computational Mathematics    € 5,700.00
Artificial Intelligence    € 5,700.00
Discrete Models and Algorithms    € 5,700.00
Language Technologies and Computational Linguistics    € 5,700.00
Software and Data Engineering    € 5,700.00
Software Systems    € 5,700.00
Theoretical Computer Science    € 5,700.00
Visual Computing and Game Development    € 5,700.00
Financial and Insurance Mathematics    € 5,700.00
Mathematical Analysis    € 5,700.00
Mathematical Modelling in Physics and Technology    € 5,700.00
Mathematical Structures    € 5,700.00
Mathematics for Information Technologies    € 5,700.00
Optics and Optoelectronics    € 5,700.00
Particle and Nuclear Physics    € 5,700.00
Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials    € 5,700.00
Probability, Mathematical Statistics and Econometrics    € 5,700.00
Surface and Plasma Physics    € 5,700.00
Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies    € 7,000.00
Corporate Strategy and Finance in Europe    € 7,000.00
Economics and Finance    € 7,000.00
Finance and Data Analytics    € 7,000.00
Geopolitical Studies    € 7,000.00
International Economic and Political Studies    € 7,000.00
International Relations    € 7,000.00
International Security Studies    € 7,000.00
Area Studies    € 7,000.00
Economic Research    € 8,000.00
Media and Area studies    € 6,000.00
Public and Social Policy Studies    € 6,000.00
Society, Communication and Media    € 6,000.00
Sociology of Contemporary Societies    € 6,000.00
Applied Physiotherapy    € 9,100.00
Applied Sport Science    € 6,600.00
Gender Studies    € 3,000.00
Historical Sociology    € 2,000.00

Charles University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Czechia is a much more economical country than many other European countries. Education, accommodation, transportation and meals are affordable for students. When looking at accommodation options in Prague, university dormitories and student houses come to the fore.

Finding accommodation in Prague is much easier than in other European cities. The most preferred accommodation option in Prague is university dormitories. The average accommodation fees in the dormitories of universities are between 150-250 Euros. The option of renting a private house in Prague can be an option that students can choose with their friends after completing the preparatory period. Finding student housing is both difficult and more costly.

Living standards in Prague offer the best facilities in Europe. In addition, it is more affordable than many European cities in terms of living costs. The average monthly expense of a student is between 450-500 Euros. This amount depends on the student's spending habits or whether they prefer to eat at home.

Due to the fact that the Czech Republic does not have a coastline, the temperature difference in summer and winter is high. While the summer months are cool, the winter months are cold and the precipitation is usually in the form of snow. While the temperature increases rapidly in April, the hottest times of the year are June, July and August.

Ways to Study Abroad

Charles University also offers its students the opportunity to study in many parts of the world. With the Erasmus exchange program, students can receive periodic training at universities in different countries and have different university experiences.

International activities offered to Charles University students include semester or full academic year study periods, as well as placements, summer schools, language courses and research trips abroad; The University continually strives to expand the range of international activities available to students.

The most widely used mobility options are the Erasmus program and exchange programs implemented within the scope of inter-university and faculty agreements.

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