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Business Ad. Turkey

Business Ad. Turkey
Business Ad. Turkey

About Business Administration

Business administration is a broad field that enables individuals to work in variable places like non-profit organizations, healthcare fields and high education boards. In its basic terms, it mainly deals with managing an organization’s resources, time and people. A business administration professional is also responsible for keeping track of performance and making crucial decisions that will result in developing an effective and profitable business.

Study Business Administration in Turkey

Business administration is one of the most common majors in Turkey and almost every university in Turkey offers business administration programs. In fact, some universities’ BBA programs have excellent and experienced instructors and many BBA students have a chance to work abroad or study master’s abroad after graduation. 

Advantages of Study Business Administration in Turkey

In Turkey, there are lots of job opportunities in the business administration field since it is in high demand. Also, many prestigious universities offer English-taught degrees in business administration which enables foreign students to study easily. Moreover, there is an endless need for business administrators and students can easily find jobs especially if they received an education at a decent university.

Career Paths for Business Administration Degree Majors

After graduating, you can pursue a variety of career options. The most common ones that are on the rise include business analyst, business consultant, IT project manager, sales manager, office administrator, sports operations manager, advertising executive, market research analyst, and franchising manager. Except for these options, a business administration degree is also a great path to establishing your own company.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Business Manager?

The skills you need to be required in order to become a business administration professional vary from effective communication, leadership, statistics, problem solving, finance, marketing and economics. 

Is Business Administration Right for Me? 

BBA programs are designed to prepare students to successfully enter the business field. While it is possible to narrow your focus since there are numerous ranges of specific fields that you can choose from, a BBA is ideal for business-minded students. 

How Long Does It Take to Become a Business Manager?

In Turkey, it takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree while it generally takes two years to complete a master’s degree.

The Best Universities to Study Business Administration in Turkey

The best universities to study business administration in Turkey are Boğaziçi University, Koç University, TOBB University of Economics and Technology and Bilkent University.

  1. Boğaziçi University: As one of Turkey's top research universities, Boğaziçi University offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, business, the natural and social sciences, education, and applied disciplines. With the country's prominent teachers, amazing laboratories and facilities, and a stunning campus, it is the most sought-after institution in Turkey.
  2. Koç University: Koç University is a private, non-profit, research university that was established in 1993.  Koç University's educational philosophy is based on the idea of creative teaching and participatory learning. Koç University has always viewed education from a progressive, broad, and student-centered perspective. 
  3. Bilkent University: One of Turkey's top institutes of higher learning, Bilkent University is regarded and recognized internationally. As the first private, non-profit institution of higher learning in Turkey, Bilkent University was established in 1984. With 29 undergraduate and 58 graduate courses with approximately 13,000 students from all around the world, Bilkent is among the most diverse universities in Turkey.
  4. Tobb University of Economics and Technology: Tobb University is a modern and dynamic educational institution that teaches students how to create knowledge. TOBB ETU, one of the most prestigious universities in terms of high-quality programs, aspires to become an international center of excellence with its research centers and laboratories outfitted with modern technological equipment.

Business Administration Admission Requirement

Foreign students are required to take YKS, high school diploma, high school transcript and equivalence certificate in order to receive education in Turkey. Some universities may require students to get a sufficient score from ACT or SAT exams. Or, the student can take YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) and it is required to score minimum 75 out of 80. However, please note that the required scores and requirements might vary depending on the university. 

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