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Budapest Metropolitan University

Budapest Metropolitan University
Budapest Metropolitan University

The aim of the university is to provide a high level of education compared to European Union standards in the fields of social sciences, economic sciences, art and art mediation, communication and tourism in undergraduate and graduate programs, special education, and high-level vocational training.

The University offers a variety of knowledge that is also competitive in the local and international labor market. Its education is based on constantly renewed methods supported by internationally experienced educators and an inspiring and innovative teaching and research environment.

Budapest Metropolitan University wants to ensure that every student finds a way to realize their personal and professional potential.

At Budapest Metropolitan University, the latest international professional standards are maintained through the development of values ​​system-based educational, scientific and artistic activities. Education programs are created in line with domestic and international economic and social demands by using scientific, academic and artistic experiences.

The university has an open, diversified structure with a “we are all different and we all accept each other” perspective.

Budapest Metropolitan University seeks to provide quality transformation education to students in all aspects of its operation, to provide professional and personal development opportunities to employees, to create shareholder value by increasing profits, and to enhance students' lives and experiences.

Life at Budapest Metropolitan University

Life at the university, which has 4 campuses in Budapest, Hungary, is very active and enjoyable for students. In BUdapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it is quite possible to both lead an academic life and have fun. In addition, Budapest Metropolitan University offers many opportunities to students.

In almost every campus, cafeterias and restaurants, libraries, study areas, green areas, parking areas and easy access are mentioned.

Budapest Metropolitan University's Talent Management Program gives students the chance to use their knowledge in their field of talent. On the other hand, it organizes Professional Job Fairs, Company Days in the fields of Media Studies, Economics, Marketing, Tourism and Social Sciences. In these organizations, students have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of foundations, associations, banks, small and medium-sized companies. Life Coaches at Budapest Metropolitan University Career Center assist students with their personal problems and provide necessary guidance.

Budapest Metropolitan University Programs & Fees

There are many departments within the Budapest Metropolitan University. However, it is a very assertive university in terms of English Preparatory Program, undergraduate program and master's programs. The fees of the school vary according to the departments and programs. Below you can find Budapest Metropolitan University programs and fees information.

Preparatory Programs

  • Professional Foundation Semester for Business Programs, Pre-Master Program:2100 EUR/semester
  • Intensive English Language Preparatory Program: 2300 EUR/semester

Bachelor’s Programs

  • Animation, Graphic Design and Motion Picture Art, Film and Media Studies: 

EU students  2600 EUR/semester

Non- EU students: 3500 EUR/semester

  • Visual Representation, Media Design, Photography, Environmental Design: 

EU students:  2600 EUR/semester

Non- EU students: 3400 EUR/semester

  • Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accounting,  Tourism and Catering, Communication and Media Science, International Relations:

EU students:  1850 EUR/semester

Non- EU students: 2500 EUR/semester

Master’s Programs

  • Animation, Cinematography, Photography, Media Design, Graphic Design, Art and Design Management, Fashion and Textile Design MA:

EU students:  2800 EUR/semester

Non- EU students: 3600 EUR/semester

  • Communication and Media, Management and Leadership MSc, Marketing MSc, Tourism Management:

EU students:  2200 EUR/semester

Non- EU students: 2600 EUR/semester

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA):

EU students:  2600 EUR/semester

Non- EU students: 2900 EUR/semester

Budapest Metropolitan University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Having an advantageous structure compared to European countries in terms of living standards, studying at a university in Budapest provides great advantages and opportunities for students. Budapest Metropolitan University students in Budapest can also spend a wonderful student life in this privileged city.

Budapest; In addition to being one of the most touristic and popular capitals of Europe, it has a system that offers great social conveniences for students. The city, where the transportation network is very wide, has one of the oldest subways in Europe. Unlimited monthly transportation card can be easily obtained for students by paying 20€ – 25€ at a discount.

Universities offer different dormitory options for students who will study in Budapest. Monthly fees in state university dormitories vary between 110€ and 130€. Rooms in these dormitories are usually for 2-3 people and may not be comfortable for every student since their construction date is very old, but they are ideal dormitories for students who want to provide monthly accommodation at very affordable prices. Most of the private universities provide accommodation for their students with the dormitories they have agreements with, these dormitories are more developed than the state dormitories in terms of comfort and innovation. Monthly fees in private university dormitories vary between 220€ and 425€.

In addition to these, Budapest is a city with tremendous artifacts and events that attract thousands of tourists every year not only with the affordability of living costs, but also with the vitality of social and cultural life. Hungary, one of the developed, modern and decent countries of Europe, is one of the most advanced cities in Europe with its culture and modern understanding and development. With its calm people, clean streets, affordable living costs, a wide range of social development opportunities, and quality education, studying at a university in Budapest promises a very full university life.

In addition to all these possibilities, Budapest is a magnificent city known for its nightlife and socio-cultural activities. Many museums, historical and art galleries in the city add an eye-opening texture for university students where they can develop themselves and their visions. All the war ruins of the city in its history, the castles, the beauty of the Danube river that divides the city into two, are another detail that fascinates the students.

Ways to Study Abroad

Budapest Metropolitan University offers the opportunity to study abroad for 1 or 2 semesters at one of its partner institutions.

Budapest Metropolitan University students have the option to complete their studies at Northumbria University in Accounting and Finance, International Banking and Finance, Business and Business Enterprise-Creation at a 25% discount. In this way, students also have the opportunity to obtain a UK diploma for a much lower tuition fee.

In addition, the university has agreements with many universities in and outside Europe for student exchange programs. Contracted universities in Europe are as follows:

  • Bulgaria - American University
  • Czech Republic - Jan Amos Komensky University
  • England - Leeds Trinity University
  • Italy - Niccoló Cusano University
  • Lithuania - LCC International University
  • Poland -

Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University

School of Banking and Management Krakow

Spoleczna Akademia Nauk University of Applied Sciences

University of Silesia

Vistula University

  • Romania - Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
  • Spain -

Escola Universitària Formatic Barcelona

Universidad del País Vasco

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria Madrid

University of Rey Juan Carlos

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