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Bilgi University

Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University, which set out with the principle of "We must learn for life, not for school", was included in the Turkish University System as a Foundation University with the application made by the Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation on 7 June 1996 and the law no. took its place as an institution with a public legal personality.

Since its establishment, Istanbul Bilgi University has been contributing to its students and academic life in Turkey, on a total area of ​​210,000 m² in 3 campuses, namely Kuştepe, Dolapdere, and Santralistanbul, which it has incorporated in various processes.

Life at Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University has three campuses. These campuses are Santralistanbul, Dolapdere and Kuştepe. The campuses in the city center offer a very colorful social and cultural university life full of different opportunities and activities. Considering the campuses as a living space for students, based on a student-centered university approach, Istanbul Bilgi University hosts nearly 1,000 events on its campuses every year. The free shuttles that serve the campuses from the city's central points and dormitories throughout the day make the university venue more accessible.

Santralistanbul Campus

Santralistanbul Campus, which is the main campus of Istanbul Bilgi University, is a campus located in a green area on the shore of the Golden Horn, easily accessible from every part of the city, where culture, art, and education are intertwined. The campus houses Turkey's first power plant, the Energy Museum as it is today.

The campus also has restaurants that host a variety of events. Santralistanbul, one of the most comprehensive transformation projects ever realized in the field of culture and arts in Turkey, carries the privilege of being a student at Bilgi University to a spatial dimension.

Dolapdere Campus

Dolapdere Campus, which is 10 minutes away from Taksim, the center of activities, entertainment, and city life, received the "Building and Living Environment" architectural award in 2002. The campus also has a Semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, fitness room, basketball court, dance, and yoga halls. Many colorful opportunities are offered to students studying on this campus.

Bilgi University

Kustepe Campus

In the center of Istanbul, 5 minutes from Mecidiyeköy and Şişli, very close to the business world, Kuştepe Campus offers English Preparatory Program, Vocational School, and Vocational School of Health Services. BİLGİ Writing and Learning Center, which organizes workshops to assist English Preparatory Program students, is also located on this campus. In addition to a large library, the campus has halls that allow playing basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, and table tennis.

Bilgi University Programs & Fees

Bilgi University has 9 faculties. In addition, he continues his education with the preparatory department and colleges. Fees for these faculties and faculties are as follows:

  • Faculty of Law: 9,720 USD
  • Faculty of Communication: 8,100 USD
  • Faculty of Business: 8,100 USD
  • Faculty of Architecture (Industrial Design and Interior Architecture): 9,720 USD
  • Faculty of Architecture (Architecture): 9,720 USD
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences: 8,100 USD
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: 8,100 USD
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities: 8,100 USD
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (Psychology): 8,100 USD

Accommodation / Cost of living

Having 3 campuses located in the most popular districts of Istanbul, Bilgi University has wide campuses and offers easy access to various districts of Istanbul. Located in the heart of Istanbul, which offers nightlife and many social and cultural activities, every student can taste the historical texture, artistic and cultural activities as well as entertainment life.

In addition, Istanbul offers students a wealth of cultural experiences. Istanbul, with its history and culture, is a wonderful city with too many items to be consumed in a short time.

Like any metropolis, living costs are high, but there are dorms and shared flats. In this way, a student's monthly expenses are around 2000 TL - 3000 TL on average.

Ways to Study Abroad

Within the framework of the strategic plan, mission, and vision of the university, the Bilateral Agreements Office aims to facilitate the cultural enrichment of our students by providing them with a world-class education and internship opportunities. In addition to supporting students' global vision, perspectives, and personal development, it creates international agreements in line with their needs and brings them together with students in order to strengthen their academic potential and experience.

The Bilateral Agreements Office creates a bridge between Istanbul Bilgi University and prestigious universities in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, offering Bilgi University students the opportunity to explore abroad and wide-ranging exchange opportunities through exchange programs.

Within the scope of the programs carried out by the Bilateral Agreements Office; There are Bilateral Exchange, Swiss Mobility, International Summer / Winter Schools, and Preparation Abroad Programs.

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