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Atilim University

Atilim University

Established in Ankara, the capital city with the aim of "to be a university that provides quality education, produces science and technology, conducts research and sheds light on the future of the country", Atılım University has been taking firm steps forward to realize this goal and move it forward for more than twenty-four years.

Life at Atilim University

Atilim University, which strives to raise individuals who make life better in many aspects such as science, culture, art, and sports, aims to announce and increase the values ​​of students to all stakeholders through the "50 Students of Atilim", "Initiation into Life" and "Sharing Success" programs.

Atilim University, which also offers dormitories for students within the university, also houses many cafes and eating and drinking places. Students who prefer Atilim University, which also provides transportation to students inside and outside the campus by ring shuttles, are an indication of how convenient Ankara is for students.

Atılım University Campus embraces life in the light of science with its open spaces, sports facilities, library, laboratories, and conference halls. 60% of students from fifty different countries are active in 67 student clubs and societies on the Atilim University campus, which provide all the necessary opportunities for young people who question life with excitement and curiosity, pursue knowledge and discover new tastes.

The geographical and botanical characteristics of hundreds of trees living in an area of ​​250,000 m2 are expressed with labels. Also known as Love Flower and Ankara Cigdemi, Yanar Döner challenges the harsh climate of İncek and beautifies the campus with the arrival of spring. The University supports the planting of these flowers and the preservation of their natural habitats in the İncek region.

Kadriye Zaim Library, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful libraries in Ankara with its 8000 m2 usage area and is open to the use of students from other universities, creates a pleasant atmosphere for researchers and students. The Books & Bites Cafe, located at the entrance of the library, offers the opportunity to study comfortably for long hours or enjoy the beautiful view of the campus.

Atilim University Programs & Fees

Atilim University offers higher education services with more than 40 programs in Engineering, Medicine, Law, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences Faculties, Civil Aviation School, and Distance Education Vocational School.

In addition to the studies carried out in 7 Research Centers, more than 170 laboratories are used by more than 9000 students for research and education purposes. Metal Forming Center of Excellence, which is among the research centers, has the distinction of being the first and only center in Turkey and one of the three most developed centers in Europe.

The faculties and fees of the university are as follows:

  • Faculty of Medicine: 15.000 USD
  • All Other Faculties: 9.800 USD
  • Pilot Training Department: 54.000 EURO
Atilim University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Ankara is both the capital of Turkey and a city of art. Life in Ankara, which also hosts many universities, is much more convenient than in Istanbul. For this reason, life in Ankara, which is a full university city, is very productive for a student.

With countless libraries, theater activities, and touristic areas in the vicinity, Ankara promises a university life where students can enjoy their time and study.

Ways to Study Abroad

In addition to the Industry Supported Projects of the University, TUBITAK ARDEB, TEYDEB, BIDEB, European Union ERASMUS+, Horizon2020, and Public Institution projects are shown as examples of other "external institution supported projects". Within the university, an exchange program is implemented for students with these projects. Undergraduate Research Projects that have been continuing since 2010 are shared with exhibitions and presentations within the scope of the Breakthrough Research Day event held in May every year.

Although there are programs in Turkish, at Atilim University, whose language of instruction is English in many departments, students who are not content with only one language can also learn different languages. More than 500 students from more than fifty different countries study at Atılım University, which reaches every corner of the world.

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