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About The Engineering

Engineer; It is responsible for producing and developing new systems for human use in the light of technical, mathematical and social data. Engineers work in a variety of fields to analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems. Engineering, according to the fields of study; It is divided into many branches such as civil engineer, genetic engineer, mining engineer, electrical and electronic engineer, mechanical engineer, environmental engineer.

The main responsibilities of the engineering, whose duties and authorities vary according to the field of expertise, are as follows:

  • Transforming research ideas into technical plans

  • Using computer-aided design software to create plans

  • Managing projects and visiting systems in the field, depending on the engineering field,

  • Writing and presenting reports considering the effectiveness, safety and cost of the projects,

  • Communicating with customers for job satisfaction,

  • Working in coordination with other departments,

  • Analyzing market needs, trends and service portfolio,

  • To research innovations in the field of profession.

Career Paths for Engineering Degree Majors

There is often significant overlap between different specialties. For this reason, engineers should have a general knowledge and understanding in different engineering branches as well as their areas of expertise. For example, an aerospace engineer must apply the principles required by mechanical engineering, and it should be known that a nuclear power engineer needs knowledge in electrical engineering.

In particular, engineers are required to have a good knowledge of computer applications such as mathematics, physics, computer-aided design and simulation. For this reason, many university programs provide basic engineering education in many different subjects before directing students to a particular field and specializing in that field.

To become an engineer, it is sufficient to graduate from the relevant engineering departments of universities with a bachelor's degree. However, engineers who want to specialize in a specific field and do different things in their career journey can become graduate engineers by completing a master's degree. Engineers who want to continue their academic life, on the other hand, do this by continuing their doctorate program. However, when an engineer with a bachelor's degree or master's degree meets the necessary equipment, they do not face the problem of finding a job in the private sector and government institutions.

What Skills Do I Need to Become an Engineer?

Regardless of the engineering branch, creativity is one of the main features of this profession group. The qualities of engineering where the ability to ask the right questions and critical thinking are also important in creating new systems are;

  • To have the creativity to think of ways to develop new systems,

  • Being able to easily understand mechanical concepts and processes, as well as use equipment and tools,

  • To be able to perform complex mathematical analysis in order to troubleshoot problems,

  • Having the problem-solving ability necessary to identify the source of the problem, create and test solutions,

  • Predisposition to teamwork,

  • To be able to manage large-scale projects, time, materials, personnel and funds,

  • Demonstrate good communication skills

  • Having self-discipline

  • To be able to adapt to the intense work tempo.

Is the Engineering Department Right for Me?

The word engineer is derived from the Latin words ingenium (intelligence) and ingeniare (to design, to invent). There are many definitions of engineer made according to different points of view. Engineer, principles of urban and non-zoning areas such as roads, bridges, buildings, landscaping, environment, public works; food such as agriculture, nutrition; science such as physics, chemistry, biology, electricity, electronics; It is a person who is specialized in technical and social fields such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, engines, construction machinery and has received a certain education. According to Arthur Mellen Wellington, engineering is “the art of doing well for a dollar what an incompetent person does badly for two dollars.

No matter how we look at it, it is clear that not everyone can be an engineer and the engineering department is not suitable for everyone.

An engineer can also be seen as someone who develops the existing production in the institution he works for and takes it to the next level. In practice, we can accept this as engineering. The engineer works by acting in accordance with engineering ethics. For example, he strongly opposes sharing the projects under his responsibility with rival companies or institutions.

Just like the soldier guarding the country's border, the engineer does everything he can to gain the technological independence of his country. Although it is possible for engineers to be asocial due to the fact that they are constantly intertwined with machines, it is unacceptable. Because, considering that the machines produced by engineers are produced in line with human needs, this issue may become more understandable. The fact that engineers cannot find a place of their own in state-owned public institutions should not be used as an excuse. Ideally, the engineer should establish a work area of ​​his own when necessary and continue to contribute at the national level. Engineering will be a suitable profession for those who can handle all of these.

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