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Yasar University

Yasar University

In 1999, Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation decided to establish a university called Yasar University.

Yasar University was enacted with Law No. 4633 approved by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 29.03.2001 and started education in the Alsancak Campus in the city in the academic year of 2002-2003.

Vision and mission definitions In order for Yasar University to become a science-oriented university that integrates technology and science, a "Workshop on What Should Be Done" was held and a road map was determined; An action plan was created by identifying new departments, new needs and future trends in society.

Life at Yasar University

Yasar University offers its students a full campus life. In this life, together with Sports and Health Services, food and beverage venues take their place.

Yasar University, which aims to make academics, administrative staff and students feel renewed at any time and turn to their classes and profession, sees sports as an important element of academic success. Yasar University continues its efforts to make a difference in team sports such as volleyball, tennis, basketball for women, basketball, tennis, American football and handball for men, and athletics, swimming, triathlon, table tennis, chess, fencing, orienteering and sailing in individual sports. .

Health services at the university are carried out under the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports. Yasar University Health Center Infirmary is the first place that students apply for all kinds of health problems. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit, within the framework of health services, primarily cares about protecting the mental health of the student.

Our sports hall, which can be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton and table tennis sports with a capacity of 160 spectators, has a digital scoreboard and a fully automatic air conditioning system. In addition, it has been prepared to allow students to develop themselves with intelligence games such as chess and go.

Yasar University, which also has a fitness center and dance studio, serves its students, academic and administrative staff. With the fitness center, it is aimed to help students and employees live a healthy life on campus. The dance studio has been prepared in accordance with the activities of folk dances, pilates, yoga and dance groups.

Yasar University Programs & Fees

Education at Yasar University, a foundation university, is paid. These fees are calculated on an annual basis and differ according to faculties. Below are the faculties of Yasar University and their fees.

  • English preparatory year - 6,500 USD
  • Undergraduate Programs - 6,500 USD
  • Master's programs 6,500 USD
  • PhD programs 9,000 USD
  • Vocational Schools 3.500 USD
Yasar University

Accommodation / Cost of Living

In İzmir, which is a very comfortable city in terms of transportation, the student budget never gets tired. In urban transportation, it is possible to reach the desired destination by making at most two different transfers. Although Izmir High Technology University is the farthest university from the city center, there is no problem in transportation, including the students there.

Neighborhoods such as Alsancak, Bornova and Bostanlı are the right places for students to have a pleasant time. These places are full of cafes, bars and various entertainment venues made for students. There is a flood of people here on Saturday evenings, everyone throws themselves into the street, eats, drinks and has fun as they want. In this respect, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities to live/study.

In İzmir, where the weather is quite mild, spring comes as of March. Living in İzmir, which has a very mild climate during the winter months, promises students many enjoyable years.

In addition, transportation is not expensive, so are state dormitories. Although house prices vary from district to district, those who want to live in a house close to the school can easily go to a house for two people. The monthly rent of 2000 TL is quite affordable compared to other cities.

In this university, it is possible to develop not only academically but also socially. Students can choose from more than 50 clubs and make new friends and hobbies.

Ways to Study Abroad

Yasar University cooperates with many universities on a global basis. Within the framework of this partnership with numerous universities from many parts of the world, students have the right to make periodic or annual exchanges at different universities.

Thanks to the International Student Exchange Programs, it is included in the international education network of approximately 300 member universities in the United States and more than 50 countries and provides this opportunity to its students.

In addition, Yasar University, which is also a member of the Erasmus student exchange program, offers many student exchange programs to its students.

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