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Study Computer Abroad in Netherlands

Study Computer Abroad in Netherlands
Study Computer Abroad in Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the world's leading countries in education. The Netherlands is also known as an important trading country. Commercial activities with the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are an important source of income for the Netherlands. It is known that the location of the country, which is an important country in shipbuilding as well as being an international trade center, and most of it is below sea level. Therefore, the Dutch must protect their residential and agricultural areas from the danger of submersion. For this reason, it is known that many different technologies have been developed here throughout history. The Netherlands is known today as the country of technology and innovation. The Netherlands is one of the most important centers for digital transformation. It also comes to the fore in many areas such as the development of high-tech products and alternative energy systems. World's giant technology companies, states and universities work together and in harmony in this field. Thus; The acquired knowledge is put into practice in different fields. It is one of the first choices for international students who want to take computer education. With its high quality education system and applied learning style, it is a privilege for foreign students to receive computer education in the Netherlands.

Advantages of Study Computer Abroad in Netherlands

The Netherlands, which also pioneered the startup culture, which is the pioneer of the digital transformation era, hosts services such as Booking and WeTransfer, which are used almost everywhere in the world today. Quality engineering education lies at the heart of a country that offers so many digital and internship opportunities for a computer student. Researchers and entrepreneurs trained in Dutch universities are doing successful work in the field of technology. Some of the world's best institutes of technology are located in the Netherlands. In this respect, the Netherlands promises an education full of opportunities and advantages for international students and especially for students who want to study informatics and computer science.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Computer in the Netherlands?

Undergraduate education in the Netherlands has been a highly preferred option for students who want to study in Western Europe to get their undergraduate education and to make exchange programs. The Dutch universities, which are among the top 200 universities in the world announced by Times Higher Education every year, and which offer a very high level of undergraduate education, especially with their quality, clearly reveal the quality of education and why these universities are preferred by international students. The undergraduate and graduate programs in English, which they offer with a quality education, especially accelerate the workforce placement in the sector and are career-oriented. Undergraduate education in the Netherlands is not an option offered at every university. There are many universities where the computer department will be licensed. The undergraduate education period is 3 years for computer departments in the Netherlands. For those who do not have English or Dutch language proficiency, there is a 1-year preparatory education.

The Best Universities to Study Computer in Netherlands

Computer education in the Netherlands covers a period of three years. In the country, where the general education quality is known to be at a very high level, universities that are among the top 100 universities in the world come to the fore. These are as follows:

  1. Delft Technical University

Delft Technical University is a research university founded in 1842. It is known to be the oldest university in the Netherlands providing education in the field of technology. Delft Technical University is among the top 100 technology universities in the world according to many rankings. Located in the south of the country, the university hosts approximately 20 thousand students. The university has 8 faculties. In the university, engineering and especially computer and informatics fields come to the fore. And also; It also offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different fields. The university also draws attention with its affordable tuition fees. It also offers many scholarship opportunities. In terms of living costs, the conditions are quite favorable compared to countries such as America and England.

  1. Eindhoven Technical University

Eindhoven Technical University, the country's oldest university of technology after Delft Technical University. The university has been providing education since 1956. Eindhoven Technical University focuses on technology and engineering. The language of instruction of the university is English. Therefore, it is not necessary to know Dutch to apply. The university is also the founder of a research center called “Brainport” in the city of Eindhoven, where it is located. It conducts joint studies both with other universities in the country and with many universities in France and Germany. At the same time, it carries out joint studies and projects with many different industries. It is possible to study with a scholarship at Eindhoven Technical University.

  1. University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is known as the second oldest university in the Netherlands. He has been teaching since 1614. The university is home to about 30 thousand students. It is located on the north side of the Netherlands. Groningen is one of the most attractive student cities in the Netherlands. It is a city that impresses with its multicultural structure, history, nature and architecture. It is also known to be one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. The University of Groningen offers education in many different disciplines. The university has a total of 11 faculties. In these faculties, there are many departments that provide education in Dutch and English. The university stands out in many engineering fields. One of the remarkable engineering departments is known as computer engineering. There are many Nobel Prize winners among the university's alumni, academics and researchers.

Computer Admission Requirement in Netherlands

Students who want to study computer science at undergraduate level in the Netherlands are required to obtain a minimum score of 6.0-6.5 in the IELTS exam, which is a foreign language proficiency exam, and a score of 80 and above in the TOEFL.

Students who do not have language proficiency or have language proficiency but do not have an international high school diploma can easily settle in universities within a program called the international student year (foundation) without losing a year. Moreover, access to such programs is even easier. Because getting 5.0 points in IELTS and having passing grades in the diploma are sufficient for entry. Since the Netherlands is a country with a very high level of education, such a preparatory program takes students far and makes it easier for them to overcome the difficulties of undergraduate education.

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