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Study Computer Abroad in Hungary

Study Computer Abroad in Hungary
Study Computer Abroad in Hungary

The interest of students doing research for education in Hungary is based on learning that there are Hungarian universities that have been in the top 500 and top 300 in the world's best universities ranking for hundreds of years, and that these universities are almost a quarter of the price of universities in western countries such as England and America. Moreover, the fact that these universities have both European Union and international equivalence and that students have the opportunity to work in many parts of the world after graduation are among the most important factors that make university education in Hungary stand out as a logical option. It is also very attractive that the language of instruction for international students is English, and Hungary's location is a place we can call the heart of Europe. In addition to all these, Hungary has well-established schools that provide a very good education for students who want to get computer education. The fact that tuition fees are low and living costs are affordable for students attracts thousands of international students to Hungary every year.

Advantages of Study Computer Abroad in Hungary

Entry requirements to the computer department in Hungary are easier than in America, Canada, England and other European countries and it hosts students from many countries of the world.

Students can study in much better conditions at a Hungarian university with academic success, without taking the university exam and experiencing exam stress. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, which has been one of the most established universities in Hungary for many years, stands at a different point among other Hungarian universities in terms of both its wonderful view and location with its Engineering programs. A great educational opportunity for students who are considering studying computer science, a diploma valid in almost every country in the world adds skills such as good English grammar. Moreover, it is much more convenient than universities in many parts of the world and living conditions are attractive to students. In addition to studying in Hungary, which has many advantages, it also offers a lot of opportunities to study in a field such as computers, where the future and technology are used.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Computer in Hungary?

Those who prefer the computer department in Hungary are provided with many opportunities to study without any problems. It is an important issue for the future that many transactions have been carried out over the computer and thanks to technological developments in recent years. Economic living conditions and tuition fees to be spent for education will also be among the sufficient reasons for choosing to study in this country.

With a population of 10 million, Hungary has made remarkable progress in the field of education after its accession to the European Union in 2004, and has taken its place among the countries of Europe that provide high-standard university education. Hungarian universities, which have become the favorite universities of Central Europe, have the feature of standing out among many countries with their education system in EU standards. Students who want to receive computer education from this country, which is the favorite of international students, can become professional professionals in a good education period of 3 or 4 years. Computer education in Hungary is a 3-year undergraduate program. However, since the language of schools is English, students who do not have language proficiency must also take a one-year English preparatory education.

The Best Universities to Study Computer in Hungary

Hungary, one of the favorite countries of Central Europe, has a very strong education system. So much so that Hungarian universities are among the highest standard universities in Europe. The cities of Pech and Dunaujvaros are home to very good universities, especially the universities of Budapest, which is one of the most important touristic capitals of the world. Hungary will be a good choice for prospective students who want to study computers abroad. Universities that stand out with computer education are as follows.

  1. Budapest Technical University

It is one of the most important universities in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is among the universities that have proven their success not only in the country where they are located, but also in Europe and the world. Budapest Technical University, which is especially successful in the field of computers, has graduated many Nobel Prize-winning academicians in the past. Computer engineering is at the forefront of the departments to be educated at Budapest Technical University, whose language of instruction is English.

  1. University of Dunaujvaros

In Dunaujvaros, which is a full university city, the majority of the city is students. Dunaujvaros, which is a very economical city for international students, has a very active and lively structure with its university of the same name. Computer engineering and other engineering are very popular and successful at Dunaujvaros University, which is developing and growing with each passing year.

  1. University of Pecs

Located in the central part of Hungary, the city of Pecs is a very safe place for students and is home to one of the country's most important and oldest universities. Pecs University. Although it has proven itself especially in the field of medicine, it is also very successful in fields such as computer engineering and computer science.

Computer Admission Requirement in Hungary

Students who apply to departments such as computer science, economics and finance are expected to receive a comprehensive education in the field of mathematics during high school. The documents required to study computer science in Hungary are listed as follows. Almost all the steps will be completed if the application and procedures and health insurance are completed. Health insurance is at the top of the list of requirements for an international student to study computers in Hungary. And also;

  • Sufficient English Language Level

  • A minimum of 60 or higher high school graduation GPA (High School Diploma or University Transcript)

  • Extracurricular Activities and CV (Social Activities, Sports Activities, Volunteering Services and Competitions in which the Student Participates, etc.)

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