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Study Computer Abroad in Czechia

Study Computer Abroad in Czechia
Study Computer Abroad in Czechia

Czechia has a long history of education. Czech Universities have a great reputation among Eastern European Universities. In Czechia, where there are both public and private universities, undergraduate and graduate education is taken. The population of Czechia, which has been a member of the European Union since 2004, is over 10 million.

The first university in Czechia was established in 1348, and since then Czechia has been one of the leading countries in terms of education. Universities in Czechia offer a wide range of education opportunities not only in Czech but also in English. Most of its quality universities are located in Prague, which is also the capital of the country. Some of these universities are Czech Technical University, Prague University of Economics. Attaching great importance to education, the Czech Republic offers education options in many different fields. Computer departments are among the most preferred departments. For computer education, which is one of the important parts of the last years and the future, it is possible to get a very wide and comprehensive education in Czechia and to have a diploma valid all over the world. Especially for international students, Czechia offers a very attractive country and education.

Advantages of Study Computer Abroad in Czechia

Studying computers in Czechia has advantages both in terms of the country's economic and social opportunities and the advanced education system of its universities. Czechia is a country that is easily accessible because it is in Central Europe. One of the most important advantages is that the distance is short and easily accessible. It is very easy to reach Czechia from many parts of the world.

One of the most important advantages of students who want to take computer education in Czechia is that universities provide education in English as well as the local language of the country, Czech. University education can be started directly with English.

It is not compulsory to stay within the borders of the country during the education period in Czechia. During the education period, the European Union countries also have the right to free movement. In this way, there is an option to live an active student life and spend the holidays by traveling to other European Union countries during the university process.

The chance to meet and make friends with students from all over the world by studying in Czechia, which is located in the center of Central Europe, is very important.

The diploma obtained with computer education in Czechia is valid in most countries of the world. In this way, the education received has an international value. Students who start their career journey by receiving computer education in Czechia have the right to start their working life ahead.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Computer in Czechia?

In Czechia, the duration of university education is 3 years and the duration of the master's degree is 2 years. After applying to the university, those whose English level is not sufficient can also take preparatory education at the university. Prep class education lasts for 1 year. The computer department, like most undergraduate departments, consists of a 3-year education period. In addition to the experience gained in the internship and training programs attended during the education process, there is also the opportunity to reach a very good level of foreign language. This system gives students the right to be one step ahead of other computer department students.

The Best Universities to Study Computer in Czechia

Students who will choose the computer department in Czechia are advantageous in many ways. However, the biggest advantage of Czechia is that it has many good educational institutions. The prominent and best universities in the field of computers in Czechia are as follows:

  1. Czech Technical University

Czech Technical University is one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Europe, founded in Prague. The foundation date of the university is January 18, 1707. Approximately 21,000 students receive education in 8 faculties of the university. Czech Technical University; It provides education in English with its dynamic, flexible, innovative and competitive structure. It was ranked well in almost every field in the QS World University rankings made in 2017. The language of instruction at the Czech Technical University is English. Thanks to the education received here, students can use English as their mother tongue upon graduation. It is possible to participate in both undergraduate and graduate programs at the school. As a technical university, the computer department is quite successful.

  1. Charles University

Prague has a unique location in the heart of Central Europe. Studying at a university in Prague has been one of the most preferred options for international students from all over the world in recent years. Charles University is also located in Prague and is one of the oldest public universities in the country. One of the biggest benefits of the diploma received from Charles University is that the diploma is valid all over Europe and America. The popularity of the university is gradually increasing due to the very affordable education and accommodation expenses and the social environment it provides to the students. In addition, the computer department educators and facilities of Charles University, which is a very successful university, are very advanced and attractive.

  1. Masaryk University

Established in 1919 in Brno, Czech Republic, Masaryk University is frequently mentioned with its scientific research. Collaborating with many different institutions and organizations in the international arena, the university graduates around 10,000 students every year. Masaryk University, which is a very old university, allows students to benefit from various opportunities throughout their education life, thanks to its constantly renewed and developed faculties. The university, which has research and projects funded by the European Union, allows students to take part in activities that are of great importance, especially for those who want to pursue a career in the field of computers.

Computer Admission Requirement in Czechia

High school grade point averages of students who want to study in Czechia; Apart from this, in order to prove their English proficiency, they must have IELTS certificates. Students are required to submit their CV, motivation letter, reference letter, portfolio for some departments during application to the university.

Students who want to study computers in Czechia should have a sufficient level of English before starting the department. An English preparatory program is offered for students who wish.

After completing their education, students can start Czech departments by applying to the universities they want.


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