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Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome is one of the top 250 universities in the world (QS World Rankings), as well as is the largest European university with the highest research budget and the highest number of students with over 100,000 students. Sapienza, which ranks first in the world rankings in "Ancient & Classics Studies", offers many graduate programs in English. Sapienza University is one of the most established universities in the world, which has been providing education since 1303, is a public university and its education costs are very affordable. Working with 1,845 academicians, 2,237 technicians and personnel, Sapienza University has 6 academicians awarded the Nobel Prize since 1909. Sapienza University ranks 217th in the QS World Ranking in 2021, in the range of 251-300 in Times Higher Education general rankings, 84 in Arts & Humanities, 176-200 in Engineering & Technology, and 126-150 in Physical Sciences and Computer Science.

Admission and Application Requirements

In Italy, there is no English preparatory facility at state universities, so there is no English preparatory study opportunity in Sapienza as well. Individuals who want to do undergraduate or graduate studies at the Sapienza University of Rome are required to prove their English proficiency at least at B2 level with IELTS, TOEFL or an equivalent exam. For some departments, proof of 100% English education background is sufficient.

Sapienza University, as one of the most established universities in Europe, has been providing a very high-quality education for many years and continues to produce many successful graduates in their fields. Due to the scarcity of English undergraduate departments in Italy, students must have high averages and a competitive attitude to enter Sapienza's undergraduate programs in English. For graduate departments, although the school does not specify a general average, it should be said that it is in high demand and is very competitive. As for the English sufficiency, IELTS levels 6.0-6.5 are usually requested. The requirements for Sapienza University of Rome vary according to the department. The university receives a large number of applications. Therefore, the applications should be evaluated file by file and well prepared. Even if the students who apply to the department options with high quotas are very successful academically, they should consider other alternatives.

Price & Fees

Undergraduate and graduate tuition prices at the Sapienza University vary according to the income of applicant, as in many Italian state universities.




3,000 – 3,500 € /per year


3,200 – 5,500 € /per year


Rome is one of the most exclusive and touristic cities in Italy, which is highly preferred for postgraduate education in Italy. Although there are many accommodation options for international students, many students should act early as accommodation options run out fast. While the price range for shared house or dormitory accommodation in the city is between 550-850€, monthly living expenses should be between 350-550€.

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