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Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University, which has 4 faculties; Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and Art Design, three colleges and 1 vocational school, aims to raise generations that are socially responsible and will enlighten the future, based on scientific development in the information age where investment in human comes to the fore. 

Nisantasi University aims to be a university that is open to innovation, can shape the future by taking its strength from its history and identity, is committed to the ethical values ​​of science, can keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, and has high competitive power in the national and international arena, and to produce graduates with this awareness. It provides students with the opportunity to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice. It is focused on delivering the qualified human resources needed by the sector.

Nisantasi University realizes its aim of being an elite university serving young managers who are always open to environmental changes.

Life at Nisantasi University

An innovative and technological era has started in education with the 1453 NeoTech Campus, the biggest project of Nisantasi University, one of the fastest-growing foundation universities in Turkey. While the world is developing rapidly, Nisantasi University, which is open to change leaps ahead by investing in the future and securing the future, has achieved absolute success while introducing innovations.

The most significant investment of the university, which made substantial investments in the shrinking world with the dominance of technology and the internet, was 1453 NeoTech Campus. With this campus, the university closely follows science, technology, the world, and people with all its components, from its academics to its technology and understanding of education; it believes in the power of looking, seeing, changing, and changing.

The 1453 NeoTech Campus pays excellent attention to the fact that what is rising in the city center is buildings, education, and people. Nisantasi University, which plans to gradually increase the number of students with its campus that welcomes its first students in the 2017-2018 academic year, aims to positively shape Turkey’s future by reaching more students with this feature which is a first among foundation universities.

With this campus, every student who receives education within this innovative institution, which offers many opportunities to its students, creates a campus university and gains a pleasant student life.

Nisantasi University Programs & Fees

Although it has been providing education for a short time, the annual fees of NISantasi University, which makes a difference among foundation universities, are pretty reasonable. The programs and fees of Nisantasi University are as follows.

Bachelor Degrees

Tuition Fee: USD 8,000 /year

Program Length: 4 years

Associate Degrees

Tuition Fee: USD 5,000 /year

Program Length: 2 years

Master Degrees

Tuition Fee (with thesis): USD 6,000 /program

Tuition Fee (without thesis): USD 5,000 /program

Program Length: 2 years

Nisantasi University

Accommodation / Cost of Living

Nisantasi University, with its visionary campus in Istanbul Maslak, also promises a student living in the city life. As for the area where the university campus is located, it is effortless to reach every part of Istanbul by public transport. In addition, living costs for student life can thus be at reasonable levels.

Istanbul is a metropolis where 15 million people live. And as in every municipality, the common problem of everyone is transportation. The way to be least affected by this problem is to use public transit effectively. Bus, minibus, metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray and sea transportation.

There are public vehicles that you can easily reach anywhere in Istanbul. However, at this stage, it is essential to use time well and be fast. In addition, discount cards applied to students make transportation cheaper for students.

It is a priority for students to benefit from and actively participate in extracurricular social activities to color university life. School clubs are a great option to take the first step. There are also many libraries and suitable cafes for those who do not want to do their study activities at home.

Istanbul also promises students an entire student life with its wonderful historical texture, forests, and museums. Historical baths, madrasahs, palaces, and mansions await students in Istanbul, which has hosted thousands of civilizations, cultures, and religions. It is not possible to discover and learn about Istanbul, which has countless historical and touristic places on both sides, in a short time.

Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. Entertainment life is always lively and active. Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Bebek, Ortaköy, Caddebostan, Taksim and many more districts are among the important addresses of entertainment in Istanbul. Besides the venues and events where you can have a good time with your friends at any time of the day, festivals often visit Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city where university students can develop and train themselves. It is possible to start your business life one step ahead and live an unforgettable student life by studying at the university.

Rents in Istanbul are pretty expensive compared to other cities in Turkey. Like any city that is a metropolis, life isn't that cheap. However, it is economical to stay in shared apartments and choose one of the many private dormitories.

Ways to Study Abroad

Nisantasi University, which accepts exchange students with an Erasmus agreement, also sends its students to the universities it has contracted abroad within the scope of the exchange program. In this context, students can receive education in English for 1 or 2 terms at the universities with which the university has a contract. With the Erasmus agreement, which promises a different experience in university life and a gratifying process for education, Nisantasi University opens the doors of other worlds to its students.

Nisantasi University also provides education to international students in the departments where it includes instruction in English and the Erasmus process, where English proficiency is essential and course grades. In addition to this, every year, students from various parts of the world are hosted and trained on its campus.

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