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Leiden University

Leiden University

Founded in 1571, Leiden University is the first university in the Netherlands. It is also one of Europe's leading research universities. This outstanding University makes an important contribution to its graduates in orientation to academic positions and to show themselves in fields outside of academia.

The university offers education opportunities in health, arts, and many different fields. It is also a member of the European Research Universities Association and continues to work on innovation in a constantly changing environment.

Leiden University is a leading research university with approximately 30,000 students, 29% of whom are international students from all over the world, studying at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, and law. It has made the slogan "Libertatis Praesidium - Freedom Fortress" a part of its academic seal, which has been the flag bearer of the freedom of spirit, thought, speech, education, and research throughout.

Life at Leiden University

With its sense of freedom, Leiden University offers an educational environment that will enable the ideas that will shape the future world to emerge.

Leiden University, which has hosted 16 Nobel prize-winning scientists such as Albert Einstein and Willem Einthoven in the past, is today the world of thought and science with its innovative approaches, questioning traditional thought patterns, with more than 5 thousand academicians, each of whom has achieved significant success in their own fields and has many prestigious awards. It raises individuals who make significant contributions to its development.

Leiden University, which is shown among the top 50 universities in the world, continues to maintain its international reputation for centuries. Leiden University, from which many of the Dutch royal family and administrators graduated, contributes to the personal development of its students in small classes that offer the opportunity to work more closely with the faculty with its individual learning-based approach.

With state-of-the-art research centers and institutes in institutions such as the Leiden Bio Science Park, PLNT Leiden Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center within the university, many national and international academic institutions, public institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector representatives to solve the problems faced by humanity and our world. Leiden University, which produces realistic solutions, contributes significantly to the shaping of the future world with its studies in fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, renewable energy, space studies, new diagnosis and treatment methods in health, and the solution of social and economic problems.

In addition to Leiden Bio Science Park, which is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands and employs more than 5,000 people in 170 enterprises and institutes, technology transfer and consultancy with companies it cooperates with at centers such as PLNT Leiden Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Leiden Global, BioPartner Center. Leiden University, which presents one of the best examples of industry-academy cooperation at its points, ensures that academic knowledge is transformed into products offered to the service of humanity, and provides significant financial resources by making strong contributions to the development of the business world.

At Leiden University, which offers a strong career counseling service to its students, students make career plans in cooperation with the counselors assigned to them and complete their education processes within the framework of this plan.

In addition to their theoretical education, students who graduate with high-level knowledge and skills as a result of their work in research projects and high-quality internship processes are in high demand by the business world, and they step into professional life with above-average salaries and promising positions in institutions operating globally or become one of the best in the world. They continue their graduate education and academic careers at prestigious universities.

Leiden University

Leiden University Programs & Fees

While the annual fees for undergraduate programs at Leiden University are between 11,500-19,600 euros, the annual fees for master's programs vary between 18,300 and 26,600 euros.

Leiden University, which offers accommodation options in different standards, also offers various start and success scholarships.

The programs offered by the university are as follows:

  • African Languages ​​and Cultures
  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies
  • Archeology
  • Art History
  • Arts, Media and Society
  • Astronomy
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Classics
  • Clinical Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Criminology
  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
  • Dutch Language and Culture
  • Economics, Public Administration and Management
  • Education and Child Studies
  • Film and Literary Studies
  • Heritage and Society
  • History
  • International Business
  • International Relations and Organizations
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges
  • Life Science & Technology
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Molecular Science & Technology
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Policy, Public Administration and Organization
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Security Studies
  • World Archeology

Accommodation / Cost of living

Leiden University, which is one of the most beautiful student cities of the Netherlands with its windmills, canals, magnificent historical and natural beauties, and the historical city of The Hague, known as the international city of peace and justice, are located in the campuses of Leiden University, where eye-catching examples of classical architecture and modern architecture are intertwined; It promises a comfortable and colorful campus life by meeting all the needs of its students with its libraries, conference halls, cafes, restaurants, recreation areas, sports facilities for different sports, indoor and outdoor areas where student clubs can hold social, cultural and artistic activities.

Life for students in the city is at European standards. Rents in Leiden are electricity, gas, water, etc. It's about 300 Euros included. Other living expenses are around 250 Euros per month.

Leiden is a small and cozy city nestled between the Netherlands' largest cities, Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. It has always been a lively student city as well as a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, considering that it is a full student city, the time to be spent with student clubs is high and living costs are low.

Ways to Study Abroad

Students of Leiden University, which is an active member of the Erasmus+ program, not only have the opportunity to study at prestigious academic institutions around the world and take part in research projects, but also have the opportunity to expand their global vision by doing internships abroad and to evaluate different career opportunities around the world by raising themselves as global citizens.

As one of the founding members of the European Research Universities Association, which consists of 22 prestigious European universities, Leiden University, one of the world's leading research universities and where education and research are intertwined, aims to make the world a safer, healthier, more prosperous and more just place. important research projects are carried out in the fields of sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and law.

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