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Koc University

Koc University

Koç University educates Turkey's most competent graduates and multi-faceted adults with international qualifications. aims to raise self-confident leaders who can think creatively, independently, and objectively. At the same time, research conducted at Koç University contributes to scientific development on an international scale and supports technological, economic, and social development. Through its work, Koç University constantly strives to advance knowledge and serve Turkey and humanity as a model of institutional excellence.

Established in 1993 as a private non-profit university in Istanbul, Turkey, Koç University has since its establishment become one of the leading universities in Turkey, which stands out with its significant contributions to the advancement of education, knowledge, and service at home and abroad.

Koç University is a non-profit university in Istanbul, Turkey. It started education in İstinye in 1993 and moved to the current Rumelifeneri Campus near Sarıyer in 2000. Koç University also has other campuses: West Campus, İstinye Campus, Koç University Hospital, Anatolian Civilizations Research Center, and Entrepreneurship Research Center. There are Suna & İnan Kıraç Mediterranean Civilizations Research Center in Antalya, Vehbi Koç, and Ankara Research Center in Ankara.

Life at Koc University

Koç University is on the Sarıyer-Rumelifeneri Road, a 10-minute drive from Sarıyer. The nearest metro station is Hacıosman on the M2 line passing through Taksim. It is very easy to reach the campus by metro from various districts of Istanbul. Sarıyer, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, offers students a campus both isolated and in the center of the city.

Life at Koç University, which is a very good option for campus life, is very active. It is one of the best universities that Istanbul promises for both academic success and enjoyable student life.

Koc University Programs & Fees

Aware of the increasingly globalized market and the intrinsic value of internationalization, Koç University sees the foundation of a significant international presence in the 21st century as a necessity. Therefore, the university values ​​and actively pursues a diverse campus where different ideas, cultures, values ​​and personalities not only coexist but mutually contribute to the expansion of the individual and the collective.

Koç University, which is a private non-profit university, has a remuneration system that does not change according to departments. The departments and faculties within the university and the pricing information are as follows:

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Economy
  • Business
  • International relations

Faculty of Humanities and Letters

  • Archaeology and Art History
  • Philosophy
  • English Language and Comparative Literature
  • Media and Visual Arts
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History

Faculty of Law

  • Law

Faculty of Science

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Maths

  • Molecular biology and genetics

Faculty of Engineering 

  • Computer Engineering

  • Electrical Electronics Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

Medical School

  • Medicine

Faculty of Nursing

  • Nursing

At Koç University, tuition is paid. For students placed in the 2020-2021 academic year, the tuition fee for programs other than the Faculty of Medicine is $19,500 USD including VAT; The fee for the Faculty of Medicine is $26.500 including VAT, and the Foreign Language Preparatory Program fee is $19.500 including VAT for all departments. Tuition, dormitory fees, and scholarships are determined by the Board of Trustees, taking into account the cost increases and the University budget of that year.

The annual tuition fee covers the courses in the Fall and Spring semesters and half of the fees are paid at the beginning of the Fall Semester and the rest at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

Undergraduate education fee does not cover food, dormitory, books and transportation expenses.

Koc University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Located on the hills of Sarıyer, in the cosmopolitan and vibrant city of Istanbul, Koç University offers a completely residential campus experience on its beautiful, green 62-acre site and strikes a striking balance between access to central Istanbul and being away from the city's distractions. life. Since its inception, Koç University has emerged as a global center of excellence in science and education and is uniquely positioned to explore the overlaps of Medicine, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences, and Administrative Sciences to pursue fundamental and applied research and attract the best students.

Istanbul is a metropolis where 15 million people live. And as in every metropolis, the common problem of everyone is transportation. The way to be least affected by this problem is to use public transportation effectively. Bus, minibus, metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray and sea transportation. There are public transportation vehicles that can easily reach everywhere in Istanbul. However, at this stage, it is very important to use time well and be fast. In addition, discount cards applied to students make transportation cheaper for students.

Every student who wants to make good use of extracurricular social activities and actively participate in order to spice up his university life can choose school clubs. In this respect, Koç University offers a wide range of students. There are also many libraries and suitable cafe options for those who do not want to do their study activities at home.

Istanbul also promises students a full student life with its wonderful historical texture, forests, and museums. Historical baths, madrasahs, palaces, and mansions await students' visits to Istanbul, which has hosted thousands of civilizations, cultures, and religions. It is not possible to discover and learn about Istanbul, which has countless historical and touristic places on both sides in a short time.

Istanbul is a city that never sleeps. Entertainment life is always lively and active. Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Bebek, Ortaköy, Caddebostan, Taksim and many more districts are among the important addresses of entertainment in Istanbul. In addition to the places and activities to have a good time at any time of the day, festivals frequently visit Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city where university students can develop and train themselves. It is definitely possible to start your business life one step ahead and live an unforgettable student life by studying at university here.

Rents in Istanbul are quite expensive compared to other cities in Turkey. Like any city that is a metropolis, life is not that cheap. However, staying in shared apartments and choosing one of the many private dormitories are among the economical options.

Ways to Study Abroad

Programs carried out in more than 60 countries and approximately 300 universities are the most important part of internationalization studies that directly involve students.

Student Exchange Programs conducted by Koç University's International Programs Office include various studies and projects such as student and faculty exchanges with distinguished universities abroad, joint seminars and conferences, joint lectures, and multidisciplinary events.

Student Exchange Programs offer Koç University students the opportunity to study abroad and do internships while providing outstanding students from contracted universities abroad to study at Koç University.

With Student Exchange Programs, 150-200 foreign students from many world-famous universities such as Georgetown, Northwestern, Kyoto, Fudan, Tsinghua, Utrecht, Sciences PO, Bocconi, National University of Singapore, Australian National University, University of British Columbia are coached every year in an academic term. While approximately 300-350 Koç University students study at these universities for an academic term or academic year, they take advantage of the greatest opportunity a student can have to improve himself.

Exchange Programs

Erasmus+ Program: Students can participate in an exchange program for 1 semester or 1 academic year at selected universities in Europe with which their departments have contracted and can gain a new academic and cultural experience. Within the scope of the Erasmus+ Program, grant support is also offered to the participants.

Erasmus+ Internship Program: The program offers the opportunity to do an internship for a minimum of 2 months in a business or institution in Europe. Within the scope of the program, grant support can also be given to students. At the time of application to the program, students must have been accepted as an intern from an institution in Europe.

Erasmus+ Worldwide: With the project applications made by our university every year on a country basis, students are also allowed to participate in the Erasmus program in countries other than Europe. The countries and universities within the scope of the project are announced to the students during the application period. Within the scope of Erasmus+ Worldwide, students receive a monthly grant of 650 € and additional travel support depending on the countries they will go to.

Global Exchange: Our students can participate in an exchange program for 1 semester or 1 academic year at our partner universities in America, Asia, and Africa. Within the scope of the program, Global Exchange scholarships and travel support can be provided to a certain number of students by evaluating the applications of our students.

Summer Exchange Programs: Our students can attend the summer schools offered by our partner universities in Europe and Asia without paying any registration fee or by taking advantage of discounted fees. Within the scope of summer exchange programs, students can take their own field courses as well as participate in activities or trips that introduce the cultures of the countries they visit.

Research Internship and Mobility Program: This program, which offers the opportunity to participate in research internships at the institutions that Koç University has contracted with, enables students from different departments to develop their research skills by doing internships. Thanks to this program, our students who want to gain professional experience in international platforms have the opportunity to do internships with our partners.

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