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Bilkent University

Bilkent University

Bilkent University, Turkey's first private, non-profit university, was founded on October 20, 1984 by Prof. Dr. It was founded by İhsan Doğramacı with the main aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. The name "Bilkent", which is an abbreviation of "science city" meaning "science and science city" in Turkish, is an example of this purpose. The university campus is located approximately 12 km off the main highway to Eskişehir. It is west of Ankara center and covers an area of ​​more than 300 hectares.

Bilkent University admitted its first students in 1986. There were 386 undergraduate and graduate students that year. It currently has over 12,000 students at nine faculties, two four-year applied schools, an English Language School and three graduate schools. These include international students and exchange students from 73 countries. Approximately 64% of the student body benefit from various scholarships.

Construction has continued over the years since the first students were admitted to meet the growing needs of the university. Faculties and departments, research centers, modern classrooms, state-of-the-art science and engineering laboratories, art studios, Computer Center, Health Center, gyms and semi-olympic indoor swimming pool are among the buildings and facilities today. There are dormitories, faculty lodgings, cafeterias and restaurants, Bilkent Concert Hall for the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Odeon open-air auditorium for 4,000 people, primary school, secondary school, kindergarten and nursery.

Bilkent University was ranked 16th in the QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia Rankings and 82nd in the Times Higher Education Asian University Rankings. Bilkent was also selected as one of the highest ranked universities in Turkey in the QS Graduate Employability Ranking.

With world-renowned academics among its faculties and world-class facilities throughout its campus, Bilkent continues to attract many of Turkey's brightest students and is proud of its 50,000 graduates pursuing successful careers across five continents.

Life at Bilkent University

Bilkent University offers a vibrant cultural and social atmosphere. The 500-hectare campus is only 12 kilometers from the center of Ankara and offers easy access to the city's parks, shopping areas, cultural activities, museums and entertainment venues.

Bilkent is a full campus university created for students to live. The dormitories it houses consist of 26 buildings with various designs and features. It offers approximately 4,600 Turkish and international Bilkent students a peaceful, safe, comfortable, pleasant and hygienic environment.

Bilkent University aims to provide an environment where students can participate in various activities with quality physical education, sports and fitness programs, take part in team and individual sports and games, and stay fit and active all year round. For this reason, Bilkent University includes swimming pools, sports halls, tennis courts, fields and outdoor sports facilities.

Bilkent University has many social and academic services to create a safe and vibrant campus and make students feel comfortable.

Bilkent University Programs & Fees

Bilkent University charges a fee of 13,400 USD for international and other students accepted in accordance with the Higher Education Board's Admissions Regulations from Abroad for the faculties it hosts. This fee is valid for all faculties. The departments and faculties of Bilkent University are as follows.

  • Faculty of Education

Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching

Educational Sciences

Teacher Training

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

  • Faculty of Science




Molecular biology and genetics

  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

Graphic design

Fine Arts

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 

Communication and Design

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture


  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences



 Political science and public administration


 International relations

  • Faculty of Humanities and Letters

 American Culture and Literature



 English Language and Literature

 Translation and Interpreting in English, French

 Turkish literature

  • Faculty of Management


  • Faculty of Law


  • Engineering Faculty

Computer engineering

Electrical electronics Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Faculty of Music and Performing Arts



  • Faculty of Applied Sciences

Information Systems and Technologies

Tourism and hotel Management 

Bilkent University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Although life in Ankara is a big city, it offers more suitable opportunities.

AnkaraKart is used in all public transportation vehicles in Ankara. With this card, which is discounted for students, it is possible to take all public transport.

Since universities in more central areas in Ankara are generally located in old residential areas, the majority of the houses are 2+1 and 3+1. There is a very wide scale for rents, but on average, we can talk about a figure of 750-2000 TL for the places preferred by students.

Tunalı Hilmi and the distinguished street of entertainment Bestekar can be said to be the main point of nightlife in Ankara. Although most venues are open until 02:00 at night, it is possible to find places where entertainment continues until morning.

You can find the most suitable venues in Thessaloniki, Konur and Karanfil in Kızılay. There are very cute taverns and bars on the upper floors and terraces of the buildings. Another preferred option for entertainment is Eskişehir. This option, which takes 1 hour and 15 minutes by high-speed train and is very affordable for students, offers a very enjoyable weekend entertainment.

Ankara is a city that we can call the capital city in terms of culture and arts. There is a State Theater in almost all districts. To meet with art at affordable prices by following the monthly calendars of the scenes on the websites.

CerModern, Contemporary Arts Center, Meb Şura Hall also offer art to students and Ankara residents for many events from chocolate festivals to concerts of world artists, from exhibitions to musicals.

Ankara is also full of museums and districts that preserve their historical spirit. A coffee in Hamamönü and a pleasant trip to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum or Rahmi Koç Museum are among the details that will nourish the students.

And of course, there will be students who want to visit Anıtkabir, where the tomb of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey, is located.

Ways to Study Abroad

Bilkent University maintains student exchange programs with 332 universities from 49 countries.

Students who apply to spend one or two semesters of their third year at a partner university abroad are selected based on their academic success and interview results. Take courses compatible with their programs at the university they attend; When they return, they continue their education without any interruption by having the courses they took abroad count against the course obligations in their programs at Bilkent.

Through these programs, students gain global awareness by getting to know different academic and social cultures. The University's International Students and Exchange Programs Office supports the integration processes by guiding the students who will participate in the exchange program before they go abroad.

Bilkent determines the institutions with which it will make exchange agreements among the leading universities of the countries in line with its own education quality and standards. As an example of contracted higher education institutions;

  • The State University of New York from the USA,
  • LMU Munich from Germany,
  • KU Leuven from Belgium,
  • Masaryk from Czechia,
  • Copenhagen Business School from Denmark,
  • Turku from Finland,
  • Sciences Po from France,
  • Amsterdam from the Netherlands,
  • Sheffield from England,
  • Limerick from Ireland,
  • Dundee from Scotland,
  • Barcelona from Spain,
  • Gothenburg from Sweden,
  • EPFL from Switzerland,
  • Politecnico di Milano from Italy,
  • Nagoya from Japan
  • Victoria from Canada,
  • Sungkyunkwan from Korea,
  • Warsaw from Poland,
  • Porto from Portugal,
  • Nanyang Technology from Singapore
  • Ljubljana universities from Slovenia can be seen.

Students who go to universities in Europe within the framework of the Erasmus program can cover a significant part of their expenses from European Union funds.

Bilkent University, which has sent approximately 3,900 students abroad within the scope of exchange programs, has also opened its classes to 2,200 students from countries such as the USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Slovenia and South Korea.

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