Collaberation Nation is an international collaborative art project for artists, illustrators & doodlers from all creative backgrounds.

Each artist taking part starts a drawing and then sends it on to the next artist for them to add to the piece. This continues until 4 artists in total have collaborated on a drawing, a process which produces exciting works of art and sometimes brilliantly unpredictable results.

The project aims to create a link between the different scenes within the art world by involving artists from all backgrounds; from illustrators and graphic artists to graffiti and street artists. Up-and-coming artists and professional doodlers are all involved which presents the opportunity for a diverse group of individuals to work together in creating vivid and exciting pieces of collaborative art.

Throughout its journey, each artist’s work will be viewed by newer and wider audiences, allowing the artists an opportunity to reach other creative minds from across the globe! During the Collaberation Nation project, many artists establish connections with each other that would otherwise never have formed and often go on to collaborate together outside the project.

Since its launch in 2010, when Bristol based artist SPZero76 came up with the initial concept of the project, Collaberation Nation has grown from its original line up of 20 artists, mostly from the UK, to include over 60 artists from 15 countries in Experiment 4.

After the success of ‘Experiment 4’, which was co-ordinated by North Wales based artist Mr Kobo, Collab Nation is now gearing up for it’s next installment; ‘Experiement 5′ which will be getting underway in the near future!

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